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  • Build It!

    Build It!

    Disguised as play, using items to build things is a fantastic way for children to explore many engineering and math concepts. If you have a child who loves to build with blocks, Legos, or other materials, check out these titles.

  • Will Your Child Begin Kindergarten Next Year?

    Will Your Child Begin Kindergarten Next Year?

    If so, pick up our newly updated calendar and use it to dive into early learning activities, creative play ideas, booklists, and a kindergarten readiness checklist all of which will help you and your child prepare for that first fun day of kindergarten.

  • National Geographic for Kids

    National Geographic for Kids

    If your child is wild about animals, needs images for a school report, or loves to read the National Geographic Kids magazine, our new online database National Geographic Kids is perfect for your family. Click here and let the adventure begin!