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History and Mission

Carmel Clay Public Library Foundation was established in 1990 by a group of community members to augment the Library's tax revenue with private support. Funds were raised and an endowment fund was created with the Hamilton County Legacy Fund.

In 1993, the Foundation was temporarily disbanded when the Library began discussions to replace their current building with one that would accommodate the increasing needs of the community's rapidly expanding population. The new current Library was opened on May 2, 1999.

In 2002 the Library's Board of Trustees re-established the Foundation to stabilize and supplement the uncertain tax revenues. With the community's assistance, the Foundation's fundraising will help meet the Library's continued challenges and build an endowment whose interest will provide long-term stability to their annual income. The mission of the Foundation is to enhance the Carmel Clay Public Library as a community resource by raising public and private funds for special projects and by building an endowment for the financial security and long term excellence of the library.

2014 Foundation Board of Directors

The Carmel Clay Public Library Foundation is guided by a group of leaders who represent our community.


Anne Hensley Poindexter, President
Andrew Greider, Vice President
Stephanie C. Fuhrmann, Secretary
Gwen Parker, CPA, Treasurer

Board of Directors

Paul Ashley
Jeffrey C. Avagian
Henry B. Blackwell II
Thomas A. Cheesman
Teneen L. Dobbs
Steven H. Gates
Megan Gregor
Kirk Russell Hunt
Neil Hazaray
Linda S. Kennen
Vivian Lawhead
Angela McDonald-Fisher
Corrie A. Meyer
Peter Reist
Dena E. Stirn

Ex-Officio Board Members & Staff

James W. Hehner, CCPL Trustee
Jane N. Herndon, CCPL Trustee
Liz Hamilton, Foundation Director
Wendy A. Phillips, Library Director
Julie Shadinger, Guild President