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New Business Titles

Marketing above the noise : achieve strategic advantage with marketing that matters

In Marketing Above the Noise, Linda Popky has developed an approach to help cut through the clutter, stand out, and effectively build business.

Entrepreneurship for the rest of us : how to create innovation and opportunity everywhere

Based on extensive research, Entrepreneurship for the Rest of Us reveals the best practices of the most successful entrepreneurs, those who ...

Project management for the unofficial project manager

If you're struggling to keep your projects organized, this book is for you. If you manage projects without the benefit of a team, this book is also for you.

Under the hood : the stunning power hidden inside your employee culture

Punchy, entertaining, and full of unexpected insights, the collection is the perfect companion for a short flight (or a long meeting).

The economy of you : discover your inner entrepreneur and recession-proof your life

Based on in-depth reporting, this authoritative account of the Duke lacrosse team rape case illuminates the ever-widening gap between America's ...

I know how she does it : how successful women make the most of their time

What if all those tragic anecdotes ignore the women who quietly but consistently do just fine with the juggle? Instead of relying on scattered ...

Making the case : how to be your own best advocate

In Making the Case, Guilfoyle interweaves stories and anecdotes from her life and career with practical advice that can help you win arguments, ...

Digital relevance : developing marketing content and strategies that drive results

Pushing out content in the digital world is no longer enough& the content you create must have meaning and relevance for your intended audience. ...

Data-ism : the revolution transforming decision making, consumer behavior, and almost everything else

With rich examples of how the rise of big data is affecting everyday life, Data-ism also raises provocative questions about policy and practice ...