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New Young Adult Fiction Titles

Running for Water and Sky

After spending most of her seventeen years being shuffled between families that don't want her, Bless Adler has no intention of opening her ...

Wild Swans

The summer before Ivy's senior year is going to be all bonfires, barbecues, and friends. But when the mother who abandoned her returns home ...

This Is Not the End

When James Salley, sixteen, learns that he is the Antichrist, he finds himself fighting between who he thought he was and who he is supposed to be.

Enter Title Here

High school senior Reshma Kapoor will stop at nothing to gain admission to Stanford, including writing a novel.

A World Without You

After the unexpected loss of his girlfriend, a teenage boy suffering from delusions is convinced that he can travel through time to save her.

The Marked Girl

When Cedric, crowned prince of Caelum, and his royal friends find themselves stranded in modern-day Los Angeles, via a magic portal and the ...

The Gilded Cage

An American farm girl discovers that she's an English heiress but claiming her fortune leads to danger and intrigue.

Paige Turned

Despite her valiant efforts, Paige Alder still seems stuck in chaos.

The Hill

Jared's plane has crashed in the Alberta wilderness, and Kyle is first on the scene. When Jared insists on hiking up the highest hill in search ...

Ghostly Echoes

The highly anticipated third volume of the paranormal detective series perfect for "readers who enjoy Doctor Who, Supernatural, Grimm...and ...

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