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New Graphic Novels Titles

Morning Glories. Volume Nine, Assembly

Everything converges as Casey challenges the Academy's favorite in the Student Council elections, while Ike and Jake confront the demons in their pasts.

Warcraft : Bonds of Brotherhood

Discover how three of Azeroth's greatest champions forged their first alliance, in the official graphic novel prequel to the Warcraft movie ...

Lumberjanes. Vol. 4, Out of Time

Jen's attempt to teach the girls basic survival skills without supernatural intervention goes wrong when a blizzard hits the camp, separating ...

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. BFF, 1

Lunella Lafayette is an inhuman preteen genius who wants to change the world!

Silk. Vol. 0, The life and times of Cindy Moon

Cindy Moon exploded out of her bunker and into the Marvel Universe when we first learned that she had been bitten by the same radioactive spider ...

The Vision. 1, Little worse than a man

The Vision wants to be human, and what's more human than family? So he heads back to the beginning.

Cyborg. Volume 1, Unplugged

Victor Stone has had his share of near-death experiences--it's part of what made him the cyber-enhanced superhero Cyborg in the first place.

Hollow City : the second novel of Miss Peregrine's peculiar children : the graphic novel

After fleeing an army of terrible monsters, Jacob Portman and his peculiar friends find themselves lost at sea, and the only person who might ...

Livingstone. 2

Sakurai has been working with Y.K. Livingstone for a little over six months, so you would think he'd get the hang of things by now.

My little pony, friendship is magic. Volume 9

An enigmatic new foe brings together some of the most villainous characters in Equestria to attack the Crystal Empire.

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