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New Graphic Novels Titles

Faith. Vol. 1, Hollywood and Vine

Orphaned at a young age, Faith Herbert - a psionically gifted "psiot" discovered by the Harbinger Foundation - has always aspired to greatness.

Hawkeye Vol. 6, Hawkeyes

Arrows fly in two eras as a deep-seated rift stretches across time, bringing old man Clint and a wiser Kate back together to chase down mistakes ...

Honey so sweet. 1

Little did Nao Kogure realize back in middle school that when she left an umbrella and a box of bandages in the rain for injured delinquent ...

World Trigger. 11

After the recent Neighbor invasion, thirty-two agents went missing and Osamu, Yuma and Chika, a.k.a. Tamakoma-2 Squad, intend to go get those people back.

Hawkeye vs Deadpool

A S.H.I.E.L.D. espionage mystery has both heroes racing the clock! But will Deadpool and Hawkeye kill each other before they figure it out?

Tokyo Ghoul. 7

To survive the interrogation, Kaneki will have to finally surrender to the Ghoul inside him, but if he does, it will change him permanently ...

Nisekoi, false love. Vol. 16, Look-alike

English teacher Yui has been assigned to take over as&the school music teacher?! She's so tone-deaf her singing makes the students faint, and ...

Terra formars. 13

In the late 26th century, overpopulation on Earth is reaching the breaking point, and humanity must find new frontiers.

Star Trek. Manifest destiny

At the edge of explored space, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise come face to face with a new Klingon threat... with the ...

S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol. 1, Perfect Bullets

Follows the adventures of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team as Simmons subs at Ms. Marvel's school, Coulson teams up with Spider-Man to enter Doctor Strange's ...

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