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Red team : how to succeed by thinking like the enemy

In Red Team, security expert Micah Zenko provides an in-depth investigation into the work of red teams, revealing the best practices, most common ...

The Type B manager : leading successfully in a Type A world

In "The Type B Manager," Victor Lipman offers a unique lens through which to view the challenging problems of management.

Work from home ideas : 463 ways to make money from home : moneymaking ideas & home-based business ideas, includes online and offline ideas for all ages

In Small Business and the City, Rafael Gomez, Andre Isakov, and Matt Semansky highlight the power of small-scale entrepreneurship to transform ...

Venture mom : from idea to income in just 12 weeks

In 12 steps, each achievable in a week, the book simplifies the start-up process and shares: Tips and techniques for honing a concept, doing ...

Collaborative intelligence : thinking with people who think differently

Collaborative Intelligence is the culmination of more than fifty years of original research that draws on Dawna Markova's background in cognitive ...

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