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New Graphic Novels Titles

Black butler. Vol. 17

Due in no small part to Sebastian, his uncommon butler, Earl Ciel Phantomhive finally succeeds in earning an audience with the enigmatic headmaster ...

Guardians of the Galaxy : prelude

Who is Nebula? What tragic events forged her unbreakable allegiance to her dark lord? And how does Korath the Pursuer fit in?

Captain Marvel. [2], Down

Former Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau teams up with Carol Danvers to uncover a mechanical mystery

Red Hood and the outlaws. Volume 4, League of Assassins

Following the Joker's horrifying attack on the Bat-family, Jason Todd finds himself lost in his own past. Kori and Arsenal set out on a treacherous ...

Batman and Robin. Volume 4, Requiem for Damian

Devastated by the death of his son Damian, Batman suddenly finds himself without a Robin-- and without direction in a world that no longer makes sense.

Haganai : I don't have many friends. Vol. 7

A wild and offbeat comedy about social outcasts who are obsessed with fandom.

Naruto. Vol. 66, The new three

Naruto will have to summon all of his Nine Tails power if he hopes to stand up against the devastating team of Obito and Madara.

Nisekoi : False love. Volume 1, The promise

Raku, still searching for his childhood sweetheart whose name and face he cannot remember, is upset when his gangster father arranges a love ...

I think I am in friend-love with you

Presents a cartoon that depicts the special bond between friends, that thrives on swapping books, mutual reblogs, and the happiness felt when ...

All-new X-Men. All-different

Kitty Pryde's faith in Wolverine's Jean Grey School is eroded. With her students gone, what is Kitty to do? Meanwhile, X-23 is back, joining ...

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