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New Business Titles

Flourishing enterprise : the new spirit of business

By presenting mindful management practices that deepen our sense of connection to each other and the world, this book shows readers how to inspire ...

Rising to power : the journey of exceptional executives

Presents a guide for managers who have been promoted to executive positions, discussing the skills needed to become focused on company structure, ...

Moonshot! : game-changing strategies to build billion-dollar businesses

John Sculley has always had insatiable curiosity. While growing up in Long Island, New York, and Bermuda, he was fascinated by electronics, ...

Me, Inc. : build an army of one, unleash your inner rock god, win in life and business

In Me, Inc., Simmons gives aspiring entrepreneurs the critical tools they need to succeed.

Evergreen : cultivate the enduring customer loyalty that keeps your business thriving

Raving Fans includes startling new tips and innovative techniques that can help anyone create a revolution in any workplace--and turn their ...

Targeted : how technology is revolutionizing advertising and the way companies reach consumers

Part history, part guidebook, part prediction for the future, Targeted tells the story of the companies, individuals, and innovations driving this revolution.

The sweet spot : how to find your groove at home and work

In this book, you'll learn How to identify your own productivity style as well as the styles of those around you - bosses, coworkers, staff, and family.

Anticipate : the art of leading by looking ahead

Anyone can expand their visionary capacity. You just need to learn how. In Anticipate, strategy and leadership expert Rob-Jan de Jong explains ...

Winning the long game : how strategic leaders shape the future

The number one business challenge is winning the long game by being more strategic: developing the skills to look outside the four walls of ...

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