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New Graphic Novels Titles

Birthright. Volume Two, Call to Adventure

Fugitives from the law, Brennan will need all the survival skills Mikey learned in Terrenos to stay alive. But something has followed Mikey ...

The Batman adventures : mad love deluxe edition

This Batman one-shot reveals the origins of Harley Quinn as she proves her love to the Joker by trying to eliminate the Dark Knight on her own!

Superman, Volume 5, Under Fire

In the wake of the Psi War, Lois Lane lies in a deep coma, unable to speak, but her new found powers allow her to astral project in times of need.

My Little Pony, Adventures in Friendship. Vol. 3

This volume of Adventures in Friendship collects three stories featuring Princess Celestia and Spike!

Legend : The Graphic Novel

Teens June, a military prodigy born into wealth, and Day, a criminal from the slums, are brought together and face plague, war, and a powerful, common enemy.

Hawkeye. Vol. 4, Rio Bravo

Reeling from recent events, even Hawkeye wants to know what his new status quo is. Who's with him? Who's against him? Who's trying to kill him ...

Nisekoi False Love. Vol. 11 Bouquet

Raku gets amnesia, and his friends try everything to jog his memory. Will Raku regain his memory in time for Chitoge's birthday?!

Seraph of the End. Vampire Reign. Volume 6

After trumpets of the apocalypse proclaim the fall of humanity, vampires arise from the shadows to rule the earth.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Wolverine, Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Thanos: There's one hero that's beaten them all-and now she's got her own ongoing series!

Attack on Titan. 16

Captured by Rod Reiss, the rightful king, Krista and Eren finally have their memories back.

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