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New Young Adult Fiction Titles

I Am Forbidden

A novel spanning four decades, from pre-World War II Transylvania to contemporary New York, looks at the cause and effect of both belief and ...

The Wolves of London

Psychology professor Alex Locke is an ex-convict, forced back into the criminal underworld when his daughter is threatened. After he agrees ...

The Shadow's Curse

With war looming, sixteen-year-old Raim must rescue Wadi, the girl he loves, from his former best friend Khareh, the tyrannical new Khan of ...


Alcoholic mother, two younger siblings to look after, a crappy job at a mini-mart. Isabelle thinks her life can't get any worse. But can it get any better?

Once Upon a Kiss

It's 1986, and Zoe and her best friend Jonah are near the bottom of their high school social ladder. Then after a freak accident, Zoe wakes ...

On Edge

Gymnast and parkour aficionado Emanuella "LL" Harvey and graffiti artist Haze are trying to hide their budding romance from LL's hot-headed ...


In a postapocalyptic world, sixteen-year-olds Zoe and Balt must escape an underground research institute and find their way to the surface in ...

King's Folly

The king of Armania believes the volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, and ground shakers are due to the gods being angry because his citizens commit ...

This Song Is Not For You

When Ramona falls in love with two members of her band, how can she be true to her feelings without breaking up the band?


Already a seasoned veteran of King Edward's army, young Thomas of Hookton possesses the fearlessness of a born leader and an uncanny prowess with the longbow.