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For Better or Worse: Twisted Marriage Thrillers

For Better or Worse:  Twisted Marriage Thrillers

Fictional thrillers dealing with twisted marriages, like Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and Before I Go to Sleep by S. J. Watson, have been very popular lately. Both novels are coming out as movies this fall. These books have a psychological suspense element that includes lies, secrets, and betrayals. It is not clear immediately who is telling the truth, and the reader's perception changes as secrets and betrayals are revealed. Often there is a sense that one of the individuals in the marriage is in danger from the other one, but the reader isn’t always quite sure until the end of the book. Explore this suspenseful genre with these audiobooks.



What We're Reading: The Husband's Secret

The Husband's Secret

The lives of three women intersect at the St. Angela primary school in Sydney, Australia, and each of them wrestles with their own silent fear and despair. One of them is Cecelia Fitzpatrick, who's a bit perplexed when she finds a letter hidden away in the attic, addressed to her from her husband and to be read only in the event of his death.


A Great Resource for Your Book Group: Books in a Bag!

A Great Resource for Your Book Group: Books in a Bag!

Does your book discussion group need help selecting the next title to read?

Do the members of your group struggle each month to locate a copy of the book you will be discussing?
The Carmel Clay Public library provides a great resource to help your book group thrive--Books in a Bag. We do everything for you except read the book!


What We're Reading: The Son

The Son

Although he looks like a teenager, Sonny Lofthus is nearly thirty-years old. He has been locked away in an Oslo prison for twelve years. In exchange for confessing to crimes he did not commit, immoral government officials and the assistant warden provide Sonny with an endless supply of heroin which he uses to keep himself in a constant euphoric state.


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