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What We're Reading: Little Beach Street Bakery

Little Beach Street Bakery

Polly Waterford was a hardworking profressional with her own business she shared with her boyfriend. First the business went under followed closely by her relationship with her boyfriend. Now Polly is left with little but her sofa, her bread mixer and her misery. With little money available, she is forced to look for the cheapest apartment she can find. Fate and her empty back account lead her to a derelict apartment on the small isolated island of Mount Polbearne.


Staff Picks

Staff Picks

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What We're Reading: LaRose


After a hunting accident that kills a neighbor's 5-year- old son, Landreaux and Emmeline Iron make amends following ancient Ojibwe custom and give their own 5- year-old son, LaRose, to the grieving family. Nola and Peter Ravich aren't members of the tribe and live off the reservation, which is a complication in and of itself, and they're also LaRose's aunt and uncle.


What We're Reading: Jane Steele: A Confession

Jane Steele: A Confession

Imagine if Jane Eyre had inspired a more vengeful, deadly version of herself. What you'd have is this book's heroine: Jane Steele, an orphan turned vigilante seeking revenge against those who kept her from her rightful inheritance. Raised by an artistic and mentally frail mother after her father's death, Jane resides in a small cottage near the estate that is rightfully hers. Her aunt and cousin live in extravagant Highgate House and hold nothing but disdain for Jane and her mother.


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