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The Shadowy Horses

     by Kearsley, Susanna

The Shadowy Horses

When archaeologist Verity Grey arrives at a dig site near the coast of southeast Scotland, she isn't expecting to face an eccentric boss, a former boyfriend, and a rumored ghost roaming the fields. Verity and her crew are faced with fulfilling the wild hopes of the site's landowner - a former researcher himself who, now discredited by his peers, is determined to uncover the final resting place of the Ninth Legion of the Roman army. A series of surprising discoveries and ghostly encounters keep Verity digging, alongside a gruff but attractive Scotsman, as she finds that local legend might translate to truth. However, someone - or some thing - seems determined to ruin their progress, and Verity must overcome her doubts about psychic abilities to uncover the story behind the ghostly Sentinel.  

Canadian author Susanna Kearsley works her magic once again with this satisfying blend of mystery, romance, and paranormal elements. The setting of the Scottish countryside mixed with the village's fishing industry provides a beautiful and haunting backdrop, and the archaeological details lend an element of truth to the fiction. This book would be a great match for fans of gothic fiction by Daphne Du Maurier and Kate Morton.

Reviewed by cs, 04/15. Other reviews by cs.