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Princess Elizabeth's Spy

     by MacNeal, Susan Ella

Princess Elizabeth's Spy

Maggie Hope, mathematician turned typist turned spy, gets her first assignment from MI5. She hopes for an exciting and dangerous placement in mainland Europe to find secrets from the Nazis. Instead, she is asked to pose undercover as a mathematics tutor for Princess Elizabeth as she and her sister Princess Margaret stay at Windsor Castle during the Blitz. Maggie is to watch for anything suspicious around the royal family. What she believes will be a boring job quickly turns exciting as a murder is committed on the castle grounds. As she investigates, she begins to uncover information about her own past and that of her father's, a fellow spy. With the help of old friends and new, Maggie strives to both find the murderer and keep the princesses safe. 

This is a great book for those fascinated with WWII but more interested in the culture and life of the time than the warfare. While Windsor Castle is the main setting, London during the height of the Blitz and Alan Turing's Bletchley Park are both visited in the course of the story. This story also has the added interest of a fictional depiction of the British royal family during this time period. Maggie is a strong protagonist among a variety of different characters. This is a fairly light mystery; however, there are a few scary or gruesome moments. Maggie's relationships are as important to the story as the mystery itself. While I had not read the first book in the series, I felt that it was recapped well but was not overly referenced. I'm looking forward to see where Maggie's skills as a spy take her next.

Reviewed by gd, 07/16. Other reviews by gd.