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Little Beach Street Bakery

     by Jenny Colgan

Little Beach Street Bakery

Polly Waterford was a hardworking profressional with her own business she shared with her boyfriend. First the business went under followed closely by her relationship with her boyfriend. Now Polly is left with little but her sofa, her bread mixer and her misery. With little money available, she is forced to look for the cheapest apartment she can find. Fate and her empty back account lead her to a derelict apartment on the small isolated island of Mount Polbearne. While the apartment is barely habitable, the ocean view and quiet solitude of the village calls to her. While she tries to figure out a new life plan (which seems a lot like the old one), she develops friendships with several locals, including a puffin she names Neil. This new life is not one Polly expected or wanted, but her journey will lead her to a new job, new love interests, and a place to call home. 

Jenny Colgan's story is a sweet tale about a woman who thinks she has everything she wants and loses it only to find something better. In addition to following Polly's journey in finding a new life, Colgan shows us the gritty and dangerous life in a seemingly quiet peaceful fishing village. Readers are also treated to description of Polly's mouthwatering baking, so have a snack available while reading!

Reviewed by ks, 06/16. Other reviews by ks.