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The Son

     by Nesbo, Jo

The Son

Although he looks like a teenager, Sonny Lofthus is nearly thirty-years old. He has been locked away in an Oslo prison for twelve years. In exchange for confessing to crimes he did not commit, immoral government officials and the assistant warden provide Sonny with an endless supply of heroin which he uses to keep himself in a constant euphoric state. When he was a teen, Sonny's life spiraled out of control after his policeman father committed suicide due to accusations of corruption. When a dying prisoner provides him with new information about the death of his father, Sonny breaks out of prison to enact revenge and violent retribution.  

This is a gritty, standalone Nordic crime novel from the author of the popular Harry Hole series. While there are scenes of action and violence, they are seamlessly intermingled with touching moments of compassion and affection. Full of interesting characters, both good and inherently cruel, The Son is cinematic thriller with several twists and turns.

Reviewed by bb, 05/14. Other reviews by bb.