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  • Summer Challenge

    The Summer Challenge has started.

    Click here for more information or sign up today!

  • Tinker Tuesdays

    Tinker Tuesdays

    1:30-2:30 pm for Grades 5-8
    Drop by the Storytime Room for a fun mix of technology and art. Feel free to BYOD and BYOS (bring your own mobile device and bring your own snack), both optional!

    • June 9: Ozobot
    • June 23: Artbots
    • July 14: Stop Motion Animation
    Thank you to the Foundation / Friends of the Library and Brookstone at Circle Center for the opportunity to tinker with Ozobots!

  • Bookfair at Barnes & Noble Supporting CCPL

    Bookfair at Barnes & Noble Supporting CCPL

    Friday, July 24, 2015 at 7:00 pm
    Barnes & Noble 14790 Greyhound Plaza

    Shoppers: a percentage of the net sales will be contributed to the library.
    Teens: celebrate fandom on Fangirl Friday!

    • Meet Francesca Zappia, author of Made You Up
    • Fancast books to become movies
    • Go on a book scavenger hunt
    • Create playlists
    • and more!


It's Shark Week! How will you celebrate?

 By enjoying shark-related books, movies, and TV
 By vacationing on the beach
 By staying out of the water!

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07/08 |2:00

Step back into time in the Program Room when The Fonz ruled television, comb that hair, and give me an "ayyyyy!" Or just relax with us as we show cartoons from the 80s and try our hand at retro board games.

07/14 |1:30

Bring inanimate objects to life with stop motion animation! BYOD or use one of our iPads.

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