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  • Teen Library Council Events

    Teen Library Council Events

    In 2015 the Teen Library Council planned three successful events for teens.

    1. The Yule Ball

    2. Zombie Apocalypse

    3. Trivia Cafe

  • Choice Picks

    Choice Picks

    A Choice Pick is selected by at least three members of the Teen Library Council. These titles are highly recommended, and are located just up the stair case before the Young Adult Department. Look for the pink stickers for a good book!

  • 2015 TLC Book Buying Trip

    2015 TLC Book Buying Trip

    Every spring, the Teen Library Council goes on a book buying trip to help the Young Adult Services librarians pick out titles to add to the library's High School Collection.

Teen Library Council

Carmel Clay Public Library's Teen Library Council (TLC) is a select group of up to 50 students in grades 7-12 who meet monthly to discuss books, movies, and films. Membership applications are available at the Young Adult desk each year between May 1st and May 31st.

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