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Rare Objects

Rare Objects

by Kathleen Tessaro

Maeve has a breakdown and while "recuperating" in the hospital she meets another young woman, Diana, who just like Maeve has a desire for freedom in a world where women are seen and not heard. Once out she finds a job at an antique store and learns about rare objects and while there she learns items that are broken are bad for business and usually have a story to tell - and compares that to her life. She is a rare object with a story! -- Added by emagian on 02/15/2017

How the Program Works

Carmel Clay Public Library's programming focus for 2017 is science and technology, and our Adult Winter Reading Program is getting in on the fun by asking you to Plug Into Reading. You might even win a Kindle Fire!

We have a large collection of fiction and nonfiction titles that explore science and technology, and we encourage our winter reading participants to check them out. You don't have to read a book on these topics to participate in the program, any book will count toward the 6 titles you can record.