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Adult Winter Reading Program: Most Recent Titles

Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne (Historical Fiction)
Awesome read. This is my third time reading this novel and it is so captivating each time I read it. -- Added by georginachia on 02/01/2015

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This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Other Fiction)
This is F. Scott Fitzgerald's first novel. The perspective of the narrator/protagonist is that of Fitzgerald's. It is interesting to see how he viewed life and what was meaningful to him as a young writer in the early 1900's. -- Added by georginachia on 02/01/2015

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Stone cutters Aria by Carol Faenzi (History/Biography)
This is a good book for Italian Americans to read. Gives immigrant history of Italians in Indianapolis. -- Added by Kathie on 02/01/2015

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An Officer and a Spy
An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris (Historical Fiction)
Enjoyable novel of espionage/historical fiction about the Dreyfus Affair which captivated France in the late 1890's. -- Added by Brian Barrett on 02/01/2015

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Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Disaster by Laura Spinella (Other Fiction)
College girl falls in love with a stranger with a dark past. Actually well written and a good read. -- Added by ErinKruger on 02/01/2015

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How to Be an American Housewife
How to Be an American Housewife by Margaret Dilloway (Historical Fiction)
Japanese woman married American soldier following wwII. Story told from mother and daughter's perspective. -- Added by ErinKruger on 02/01/2015

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Lead by Kylie Scott (Romance)
Kylie Scott scores big again in book 3 of the Stage Dive series with a very unique story and a complex character in rock-singer Jimmy, a tortured, rude jerk at first. Lena comes to work for him as his assistant, charged with "handling" him and keeping him clean and sober. She becomes a bit of a mother figure to him, caring for him unconditionally (like his own mother never did)but not putting up with his crap. She slowly teaches him how to be polite, to apologize, to feel empathy, to behave as an adult. The process doesn't sound like a recipe for romance, and there is plenty of bickering, hurt feelings, frustration along the way until the pair bond and become best friends. Their dialogue is brilliant, real and so fascinating to read. Kylie Scott expertly infuses sarcastic humor and genuine warmth into the relationship, making it a very special journey. As Lena prepares to quit, Jimmy forces her to tell him why: she has developed feelings for him. Jimmy can't have that, so he pushes her to date others, resulting in some intense jealousy and very slow realization of feelings of his own for Lena. I loved how neither of them were with anyone else the entire time of the story, and how Lena slowly broke down his resistance to physical touch. The scene was so tender when he finally let her kiss him. When the inevitable break-up came, I was in tears, a rarity for me. The transformation of Jimmy's character was truly magical to experience. My beloved Mal, the crazy drummer from book 2, shows up regularly with his puppy Killer for some extra comic relief. Just one more book left in this series--can't wait! -- Added by Bakerlady on 02/01/2015

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Falling for Jillian
Falling for Jillian by Kristen Proby (Romance)
This series just keeps getting better and better, and the third book is my hands-down favorite. I really liked books one and two, but I loved this one. Complete with an endearing epilogue to wrap up the series, this book offers it all. I was so sad to see it end! Jillian and Zach's wonderful love story had the plot and emotion that kept me up half the night, laughing and crying as they dealt with their baggage and learned how to become a family. The endearing Seth that I enjoyed in book one is featured prominently here with his dad Zach and his adorable dog Thor. Outgoing, generous Jillian finds healing from her broken marriage as she finds purpose in her life, providing the mother figure that Seth never had. Some of the best scenes in the book are between her and the 12-year-old boy. Zach is a great, loving single dad, but he is flawed and stubborn and makes some pretty big mistakes. I was glad to see that he was portrayed to be much more human than Proby's other perfect heroes.Jillian loves him through it all but does stand up for herself when he goes too far. -- Added by Bakerlady on 02/01/2015

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Jane's Harmony
Jane's Harmony by Ryan Winfield (Romance)
Another quiet, lovely, and intelligent book by Winfield, this one surprised me. I didn't expect to like this one as well as "Jane's Melody", and at the beginning I had my doubts as to whether it could live up to the 5 star favorite status I gave Book 1.I had my doubts at first. The pace started pretty slow, and there are lots of supporting characters and endless details about the heat in Austin and the workings of a reality singing TV show. But the incredible Caleb sold the book for me. Wise and loyal way beyond his years, he had my heart in every one of his scenes. I liked Jane too, but I was horrified that she quite coldly came close to making a decision on her own that was not hers alone to make.Why and how she changed her mind was never really addressed in the book, leaving me feeling upset with her lack of honesty. Sweet, loving Caleb deserved better. My appreciation for the book grew as I got back into the pace of Winfield's work. Unlike in a lot of typical romances, Jane and Caleb are out on their own a lot and grow and develop, probably more than I would have preferred. Each of their own life stories is being told, and their bond and mutual trust hold and grow stronger through the trials. Neither thinks the worst of each other, and, refreshingly, their few disagreements are resolved quickly without too much angst.The last third of the book and the amazing ending and epilogue left me satisfied and missing this unique couple already. Ryan Winfield is a unique voice in romance, and I love his writing style and look forward to more. -- Added by Bakerlady on 02/01/2015

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Matched by Ally Condie (Other Fiction)
While a bit typical in the dystopian, teenage girl save the world type of way, it was a quick, entertaining read and I am looking forward to reading Book 2 in the series. -- Added by Lorimiller234 on 02/01/2015

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