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The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Other Fiction)
What is there to say about this classic! I reread this book after several years. The idealism, lavishness, passion, and description of the American Dream make this novel the quintessential American classic that we can relate to even 85 years later. -- Added by lmimmel on 03/29/2015

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The Devil in the White City
The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson (History/Biography)
This book follows two true story-lines: Daniel Burnham, the chief architect in charge of designing the 1897 World's Fair in Chicago, and H.H. Holmes, the first known American serial killer. This wonderful book is written like a fiction suspense thriller while giving the reader an interesting history lesson. -- Added by lmimmel on 03/29/2015

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A Fighting Chance
A Fighting Chance by Elizabeth Warren (History/Biography)
This was a great biography of the new political superstar, Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She tells her story of a simple life growing up in Oklahoma to being a well-respected expert on banking law. -- Added by lmimmel on 03/29/2015

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The French House
The French House by Don Wallace (Other Nonfiction)
Fun and lighthearted account of one couple's experience buying and upgrading a falling down property on an island off the coast of France. -- Added by MegB on 03/29/2015

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Impolite Conversations
Impolite Conversations by Cora Daniels (Other Nonfiction)
This book had very honest discussions about race, politics, sex, money and religion. It had interesting viewpoints regarding how sexually active women are usually viewed negatively by society and how black people's identities are affected by having light or dark skin color, political party affiliation, etc. -- Added by Sunnygirl317 on 03/29/2015

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A Star for Mrs. Blake
A Star for Mrs. Blake by April Smith (Historical Fiction)
I recommend this book. It brings attention to the variety of women affected by the First World War. -- Added by Rlkliewer on 03/29/2015

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Murder Boogies with Elvis
Murder Boogies with Elvis by Anne George (Mystery/Suspense)
This is the 8th and last in a series about two 60-something sisters in Birmingham, AL. The author died not long after this book was published. The series is very amusing and full of Southern-ims. In this episode, the older sister, Mary Alice is getting ready to marry her 4th husband. When she, her fiance (a sheriff), several of his family members and the younger sister, Patricia Anne (a retired schoolteacher) and her husband are attending a variety show at an old, landmark theater, a singer/dancer in an Elvis-impersonation revue dies. Naturally the sisters get involved in solving what happened. Lots of family backstory and silliness, but an enjoyable quick read. -- Added by ElizabethR on 03/29/2015

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Timeless by Gail Carriger (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
An enjoyable conclusion to The Parasol Protectorate series. -- Added by lisliben on 03/29/2015

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A Constellation of Vital Phenomena
A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra (Historical Fiction)
Wonderful characters. A glimpse into the tragedies of war. -- Added by Lisa on 03/29/2015

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Motive by Jonathan Kellerman (Mystery/Suspense)
Another excellent episode in the Alex Delaware series. I don't know how Kellerman does it but I hope he keeps on doing it. -- Added by sbspong on 03/29/2015

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