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Adult Winter Reading Program: Most Commented Titles

A Dog Gone Murder
A Dog Gone Murder by Elaine Viets (Mystery/Suspense)
Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper books are perfect waiting in car pool lane reading. Car pool reading requires even less concentration than beach reading. -- Added by CFA on 01/31/2015

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I hope you are not the driver waiting in the car pool lane. :-) -- pittsburghpolish on 01/31/2015  
I like this series also. I am a couple books behind, but have read most of them. -- kannasoup on 02/18/2015  
The Black Book
The Black Book by Ian Rankin (Mystery/Suspense)
When a close colleague is brutally attacked, Inspector John Rebus is drawn into a case involving a hotel fire, an unidentified body, and a long forgotten night of terror and murder. Pursued by dangerous ghosts and tormented by the coded secrets of his colleague's notebook, Rebus must piece together a jigsaw no one - perhaps not even he - wants completed. -- Added by Judy on 02/03/2015

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I've read almost all of Rankin's Inspector Rebus books--they are great! This is an oldie but goodie. Try the others! -- ElizabethR on 02/04/2015  
I went to to see the list of books in the series. I'm trying to read them in order. -- Judy on 02/08/2015  
All the Light We Cannot See
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr (Historical Fiction)
Amazing story -- Added by dleyndyke on 02/14/2015

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I agree! It was one of my favorite books in 2014. -- Cindy on 02/14/2015  
Dark Places
Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (Mystery/Suspense)
This was a suspenseful book! From the same writer of Gone Girl - it was every bit as good, in my opinion! -- Added by samps on 02/26/2015

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Just finished this one - GREAT BOOK! I've read all three of her books and this one was actually my favorite - couldn't put it down! -- rocknwife68 on 02/26/2015  
Enigma by Robert Harrus (Mystery/Suspense)
Fast-paced mystery with plenty of history (WWII)thrown in, plus a little romance. Set in 1942-43 at Bletchley Park, where thousands of civilians, government employees, and members of the armed sevices are struggling to break the Enigma codes the Germans broadcast their military orders on. And in the middle of a particularly grueling week of work, a young woman goes missing. Great fun, kept me guessing to the end. -- Added by EmilyS on 02/14/2015

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Have read this separately of the reading program and would highly recommend. This book is a good primer to the movie "imitation game" which is out now and i think up for an oscar. -- grace lilly on 02/15/2015  
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (Other Fiction)
This book is on the best seller list but I wonder about the author's mindset. I think author needs psychiatric counseling. -- Added by Kathie on 03/02/2015

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Yes, I also found this book disturbing. The author seems to have serious issues and a lot of bitterness. I won't read any more of her books, nor will I see the movie. -- pittsburghpolish on 03/02/2015  
Guardians of the Night
Guardians of the Night by Alan Russell (Mystery/Suspense)
This is the first book I've read by Alan Russell and I'm happy to say it won't be my last. The story was engaging and kept me on my guessing. I'm also a huge dog person, so I could relate to his feelings towards his dog. -- Added by Redwings4life on 02/06/2015

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The first book in the series is Burning Man. I enjoyed that book and am looking forward to this book. -- Judy on 02/08/2015  
Left to Tell
Left to Tell by Immaculée Ilibagiza (History/Biography)
True story about hiding from the killing spree during the Rwanda genocide. Quick read that you will never forget. Great book! -- Added by Bernadette on 02/12/2015

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This book inspired me to attend one of Immagulee Ilbagizza talks. She is so inspirational and her love for God is Amazing -- Lyn on 02/14/2015  
The Astronaut Wives Club
The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel (History/Biography)
Surprising selection as the book selection, a lot o fat, not much meat. -- Added by troy hill on 02/09/2015

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I also was surprised that this book was selected. I looked at some reviews on-line, and they were likewise "not favorable". Comments included views that the book was disorganized, had no continuity, and the writing style was juvenile. -- pittsburghpolish on 02/09/2015  
The Hanging Valley
The Hanging Valley by Peter Robinson (Mystery/Suspense)
recommend -- Added by grace lilly on 02/06/2015

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A terrific author and wonderful series. -- ElizabethR on 02/07/2015