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Her Brother's Keeper by Sara Hoskinson Frommer (Mystery/Suspense)
Joan is already going crazy with preparations for her daughter's wedding and then sh finds out her brother Dave, who she hasn't seen in years, will be in town a week before. Not to mention that the groom's mother disapproves of everyone and everything. Then disaster strikes. -- Added by Lynx on 03/05/2016

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And Only to Deceive
And Only to Deceive by Tasha Alexander (Mystery/Suspense)
Widowed after only a few months, Emily begins to learn more about her husband through his journal and an intriguing mystery. I look forward to reading more by this author. -- Added by Lynx on 03/05/2016

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Velva Jean Learns to Drive
Velva Jean Learns to Drive by Jennifer Niven (Other Fiction)
Velva Jean's dream is to sing at the Grand Ole Opry. Her dream is derailed when she marries Harley Bright, a handsome revival preacher. Will she be content to be the wife Harley expects or will she follow her dream? Quirky characters. Good read. -- Added by Lynx on 03/05/2016

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The Sanibel Arcanum by Thomas D. Cochrun (Mystery/Suspense)
A fascinating blend of history and mystery. -- Added by Lynx on 03/05/2016

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Murder in C Major by Sara Hoskinson Frommer (Mystery/Suspense)
Joan Spencer has moved back to Oliver and joined the symphony. The first oboist dies mysteriously at rehearsal in what could be murder. The suspects abound because he was universally hated. Very enjoyable. -- Added by Lynx on 03/05/2016

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Stardust by Kurt A. Meyer (Historical Fiction)
David is restoring an 1890s house in Noblesville. A portal is created that allows him to step back in time more than 100 years. Wonderful descriptions of what life and the town were like then. -- Added by Lynx on 03/05/2016

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The Three Strangers by Thomas Hardy (Other Fiction)
A quick, mysterious, and fun read set at a shepherd's christening party on a dark stormy night. if you enjoy Thomas Hardy's style, country characters, and dark humor, you'll enjoy this. -- Added by shivelbm on 03/05/2016

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Salt to the Sea
Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys (Historical Fiction)
Another brilliant book by one of my favorite authors. Beautifully written story during the end of WWII and a little well known maritime tragedy of the Wilhelm Gustloff. The book was written as a YA but would be a great story for adults too. I loved it! -- Added by lisaannmcintoshsmith on 03/05/2016

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As Gouda as Dead
As Gouda as Dead by Avery Aames (Mystery/Suspense)
I preferred the previous books in this series. I think it has run its course. This one just seemed to go on forever. -- Added by Oceandreams on 03/05/2016

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Above the Bridge
Above the Bridge by Deborah Garner (Mystery/Suspense)
A newspaper author from New York City travels on assignment to Jackson, WY to write a feature article about the history, geography, and cultural aspects of this part of the West. She meets some interesting people and finds that there might be a mystery to be solved in the legends of the Jackson Hole area. This book was not as well-written as many I've read and one major plot trick bothered me a lot, but it was nice to see how she captured the town and the region so perfectly. I purchased this book at Valley Books in Jackson on a recent trip to the area. -- Added by ElizabethR on 03/04/2016

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