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The Hidden Child: A Novel
The Hidden Child: A Novel by Camilla Lackberg (Mystery/Suspense)
From a criminal plotting perspective this is probably Läckberg's best novel, incorporating two strong plots. The contemporary plot to determine the murderer of the historian is well thought out and doesn't involve nearly as much police incompetence as the previous novels (though there is still a little). All the small police force play useful roles, including new recruit Paola who seems to fit in well, and the case explores some interesting issues including the rise of neo-Nazi groups in modern Sweden. But perhaps the book's biggest strength is that this storyline links to a second one taking place in 1943-45, involving the recently killed historian, his brother who spent time as a prisoner of the Germans and several other Fjallbacka residents including Erica's mother. Eventually the solution to the present-day crimes is located in the past though the nature of the connection is well hidden until the end of the book. While the family lives of the characters in this series have always been a feature of the novels that I have enjoyed I do think this instalment went a little overboard with the minutiae of characters' lives. Certainly not all the children are hidden in this novel. In fact the thing is teeming with pregnancies (five), births lengthily described (two), and assorted toddlers and teenagers not to mention yet another love interest for Patrik's romantically unlucky boss Bertil, an encounter with Patrik's ex-wife and assorted other minor dramas. It doesn't feel like Läckberg has held much back for inclusion in the next instalment (aside from several more births I suppose). I do generally enjoy the lighter side of these novels though and it was nice to read a book in which pretty much everyone has a family life in the normal range (i.e. no dramas that can't be sorted out with a good chat and no alcoholic/near suicidal loners lurking underneath the covers). -- Added by billrye on 03/28/2015

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Saving Simon
Saving Simon by Jon Katz (Other Nonfiction)
I rarely read non-fiction but found myself drawn to this book about the rescue of an abused donkey who gradually brought valuable insight to the man who saved him. Bonding between human and animal makes me wonder why it is so hard for human to understand human in the world today. -- Added by jkot43 on 03/28/2015

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Last to Know
Last to Know by Elizabeth Adler (Mystery/Suspense)
This story is about a peaceful lake community that suddenly erupts with home explosion and several murders. Not a "must read" but mildly entertaining. -- Added by jkot43 on 03/28/2015

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Harlow and Sage
Harlow and Sage by Brittni Vega (Other Nonfiction)
The subtitle for the book is "A True Story About Best Friends," and it depicts the everyday lives of 3 dogs. The book is filled with plenty of pictures for dog lovers with a running commentary from the viewpoint of Harlow, one of the dogs. -- Added by elainebammerlin on 03/28/2015

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Burn by James Patterson (Mystery/Suspense)
A Michael Bennett novel. Detective Bennett and his family are back in New York City, and Bennett is put in charge of an Outreach Squad in Harlem full of misfits. -- Added by elainebammerlin on 03/28/2015

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The Gods of Guilt
The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly (Mystery/Suspense)
The gods of guilt are the jury members who decide the fate of the accused. The victim in this case is Mickey Haller's former client. Mickey comes to believe that he may have been the one to put her in danger. -- Added by elainebammerlin on 03/28/2015

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The Overlook by Michael Connelly (Mystery/Suspense)
A Harry Bosch novel. Harry investigates a murder with national security implications. In solving the murder, he needs to deal with Homeland Security and the FBI. -- Added by elainebammerlin on 03/28/2015

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The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly (Mystery/Suspense)
Another Mickey Haller novel. After being out of the courtroom for awhile, Mickey inherits a murdered lawyer's cases. Some unexpected twists at the end. Detective Harry Bosch plays a role in this story. -- Added by elainebammerlin on 03/28/2015

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Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream by Nora Roberts (Romance)
Nora is one of my favorite authors. I enjoy re-reading her older books in between the release of her new books. -- Added by lbtdavis on 03/28/2015

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Approval Addiction
Approval Addiction by Joyce Meyer (Other Nonfiction)
Very good explanation of why we act the way we do when we don't receive the approval of others. We really only need God's approval. -- Added by lbtdavis on 03/28/2015

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