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Adult Winter Reading Program: Most Recent Titles

Rewinder by Brett battles (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
A book about time travel and the consequences of our actions and inactions. Suspenseful and engaging, a short book that makes it digit to put down. -- Added by caldtins on 03/04/2015

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13 to Life
13 to Life by Shannon Delany (Other Fiction)
This is paranormal fiction. It is a quick read that keeps your interest. It is one in a series so the adventure continues! -- Added by burnnotice on 03/04/2015

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Dark Blood
Dark Blood by Christine Feehan (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
more and more history keeps coming out.....I think that I will always love this series -- Added by jacque on 03/04/2015

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The Magician's Land
The Magician's Land by Lev Grossman (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
loved the end of the be able to create a new land would be awesome -- Added by jacque on 03/04/2015

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The 9th Judgment
The 9th Judgment by James Patterson (Mystery/Suspense)
I am enjoying the James Patterson suspense series. -- Added by kannasoup on 03/04/2015

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Shors of the fisherman
Shors of the fisherman by Morras west (History/Biography)
Recommend.somewhat predictable with the pope saving the world and wayward parishiners. The movie was better even if cornier! -- Added by grace lilly on 03/04/2015

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The yanks are coming by Albert marrin (History/Biography)
Recommend/not recommend. This is a bit of an "intro" book to america entering the first world war. A good general history if you have no previous knowledge but too general if you have some background. Jeff shaara covers this subject much better in his book "to the last man". -- Added by grace lilly on 03/03/2015

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Gone Girl
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (Mystery/Suspense)
This was a book hard to put down. It will keep you turning pages until the twisted ending! Incredibly entertaining. -- Added by lmimmel on 03/03/2015

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Dad Is Fat
Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan (History/Biography)
Gaffigan is an hilarious comedian who can make even food funny! This book is a collection of his own stories about raising 5 kids in New York City while living in a tiny apartment. -- Added by lmimmel on 03/03/2015

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Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas (History/Biography)
This biography chronicles the life and death of Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Metaxas includes many letters, sermons, and journal entries from Bonhoeffer himself in order to really know what this brilliant theologian dealt with at a tumultuous time in Germany's history. -- Added by lmimmel on 03/03/2015

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