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The Nightingale
The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah (8 Winter Readers liked this book)
"this was a great book. I blazed through it! I haven't read a book so engaging in a while. I am looking forward to reading more from this author and hoping that her other books are just as good." -- ariacheney, 01/13/2016

"This book is fantastic!! I love stories set in WWII, and this was a wonderful one!" -- lowecinda, 01/11/2016

"Thank goodness for book club! I'm usually not interested in historical fiction, but our group selected Ms. Hannah's book for this month...and, thank goodness, they did. I didn't feel like I was reading someone else's story, but rather was part of the story. I've often wondered why so many appeared to turn a blind eye to the atrocities of World War II. I think this book reveals some spiritual tormenting that many French people faced during the occupation. Highly recommend!" -- majicgynx, 01/22/2016

"Beautiful book! Could not put this one down. Characters you won't forget. Two sisters you won't forget. Historically written. Read this one!" -- Kat26sim, 02/07/2016

"From the moment I started reading this book I could not put it down. This book tells the tremendous story of the strength of women living in Nazi occupied France during World War II. A must read! " -- Mamamoulton, 01/28/2016

"This book is Amazing! After the first few chapters I was hooked- it was WWII from a perspective I had never seen before... I didn't want to put it down!" -- Ashvive , 01/31/2016

"Yes! Loved it." -- Aspin, 01/30/2016

"This beautifully written story gives us a different view of the WWII experience, from a French villager struggling to make decisions daily about how to treat the occupying Nazis, how to treat her fellow villagers and friends, how to stay true to herself. I loved the interconnectedness of all the characters and their stories - even though their circumstances made their lives very different. Hannah did an incredible job highlighting the hardship of this war on the French population, and the conflicts that arose relating to the identification and treatment of Jews in the town. Close second to All the Light We Cannot See." -- AmyJ, 01/31/2016

The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto LP
The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto LP by Mitch Albom (3 Winter Readers liked this book)
"This isdhis best book yet. It is long almost 500 pages but it is a quick read with many stories and layers. Celebity interviews are accurate. Idions are great." -- Kathie, 01/14/2016

"Such a wonderful book about how music can affect so many lives." -- mattlane, 01/19/2016

"Frankie Presto was a fictional character. But, after reading this book, I hoped he was real. This was a feel good book of what the value of music can do for the "bands" in your life. The bands are the connections you have in your life with people. Frankie Presto belonged to many bands and changed the life's of many. When the special guitar strings turn blue, a person's life is shifted and altered. Music soothes the salvage beast and it makes believers out of non-believers. Frankie Presto guitar playing and life lessons will make you fly with imagination for your own life. Happy Reading. Quote: Suddenly it was terribly quiet, as if the earth itself were too stunned to breathe. I know this sound; silence is part of music. But just because something is silent doesn't mean you aren't hearing it. "Niles, what I play, you can't write, and what you write, I can't play." "Money and music are not friends." Frankie chuckled. "I know something about that." " -- LTJOR14, 01/29/2016

A Girl Named Zippy
A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"This memoir is full of laugh-out-loud moments along with sad and sweet moments. It was very easy to get through this book because the author's memories are all entertaining. " -- EBeliles, 01/30/2016

"I'm stumped for how to recommend this brilliant little book without gushing too much. It's a great book, in fact it is a wonderful book. Read it." -- crazycat66, 02/05/2016

A Man Called Ove
A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"I loved this book. About an old man living in a row house, lonely and unfriendly toward his neighbors. Always aggravated by the "stupidity" of those around him, until by chance he meets a new couple, moving into the row. The pregnant wife and the air head husband befriend Ove and the story takes a turn from there. An uplifting book and a quick and enjoyable read. I recommend." -- KCheesman, 01/26/2016

"This was a great read! Ove is a grumpy older man who has experienced a huge amount of loss in his life, including the loss of his wife 6 months ago. He is severely depressed and wants to kill himself, but when new neighbors move in things start happening around the neighborhood that Ove can't help but get involved with. Along the way, he develops a strong relationship with his new neighbors-albeit in a somewhat awkward way since Ove is an awkward/socially incompetent guy at times. Very funny and thought provoking regarding the nature of human relationships. " -- lrobakow, 01/30/2016

Animal Farm
Animal Farm by George Orwell (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Good, easy read. " -- shan1canes, 01/22/2016

"Great book. " -- jaredrodell, 01/21/2016

Circling the Sun
Circling the Sun by Paula McLain (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"I would recommend this book. It told the story of Beryl Markham who was an extraordinary woman, one of the first women to break role barriers. Her life in Africa was quite an adventure." -- Duckyb, 02/03/2016

"Enjoyed this book very much. Interesting look at an interesting time and amazing woman. Liked Paris wife, but liked this book better. " -- arose, 01/17/2016

Cross Justice
Cross Justice by James Patterson (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"The next installment of the Alex Cross series. Alex Cross returns to his hometown and learns about his parents." -- Nancy, 01/29/2016

"Another great Alex Cross book that keeps you guessing to the end. I like the fact that they went back to Alex's childhood years and hazy history." -- 21690200273848, 01/30/2016

Flesh and Blood
Flesh and Blood by Patricia Cornwell (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"A hard read, with a strange ending. Not Cornwell's best." --, 01/11/2016

"You know that point when you talk back to the book, I was there a couple times with this book." -- Jacque, 01/24/2016

Go Set a Watchman
Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Having read To Kill a Mockingbird, I realize that Lees writing is best when she's writing in flashbacks. I enjoyed this book for its message, but the writing was not as smooth as in her first book. " -- jaytinaemma, 01/18/2016

"Didn't quite hit the mark like To Kill a Mockingbird, but it was a good sequel, since I had just finished the prior." -- attakquak, 01/15/2016

Paper Towns
Paper Towns by John Green (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"This book takes the manic pixie dream girl trope and turns it on its head. I highly enjoyed it." -- jsundin, 02/07/2016

"Great young adult read." -- Dleyndyke, 02/07/2016

The Guest Room
The Guest Room by Chris Bohjalian (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"The story concerns what happens as a result of a bachelor party gone- bad in a wealthy New York suburb. It was a very entertaining book and a quick read. If you like his other books, you will probably enjoy this one too." -- kennedyb45, 01/13/2016

"Love anything by this author - one of my favorites. " -- baroth02, 02/01/2016

The Lake House
The Lake House by Kate Morton (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"I enjoy Kate Morton's novels, although this wasn't one of my favorites. I did find it a bit of a compulsive read during the final third of the book. The ending had some twists, but I had figured out most of the plot mid way through. A good read, however and I would recommend." -- KCheesman, 01/26/2016

"Always enjoy Morton's way of weaving an old story with the present day. It is a lovely mystery where you care about all the characters and of course they all find there way to an answer and a better life " -- arose, 01/17/2016

The Little Bride
The Little Bride by Anna Solomon (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"Anime grant 16 yr old mail-order bride goes from Russia to South Dakota. Brrrr" -- Library fan , 01/11/2016

"I started this book under the impression it was going to be a historical romance and was immediately swept away by the Realistic story of a Jewish girl fighting to escape poverty, violence, and her past. " -- crazycat66, 01/21/2016

The Martian
The Martian by Andy Weir (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"I absolutely loved this book. This was very intriguing and I just kept on reading because I wanted to know what happened. There is a lot of scientific terms of being in space that got a little confusing, but fantastic plot and book overall." -- blue15, 01/13/2016

"I saw the movie first and still could not put this book down. Excellent!" -- bjam, 02/02/2016

The Pillars of the Earth
The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett (2 Winter Readers liked this book)
"An epic read. I was sad to see it come to an end. I loved how the story lines and characters were woven together. A great journey through the politics, church history, cathedral architecture and the lives of people during Medieval Europe. A beautifully written story. Inspirational." -- Jojo26, 01/25/2016

"An epic read. I was sad to see it come to an end. I loved how the story lines and characters were woven together. A great journey through the politics, church history, cathedral architecture and the lives of people during Medieval Europe. A beautifully written story. Inspirational." -- Jojo26, 01/25/2016