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Adult Winter Reading Program: History/Biography Titles

The Mannings
The Mannings by Lars Anderson (History/Biography)
I enjoyed reading this and especially the section of the book dealing with Archie Manning's high school and college years. -- Added by CARLSONL on 02/20/2017

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My Beloved World
My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor (History/Biography)
Very interesting biography, I didn't know a lot about this Supreme Court Justice and found her story inspiring. -- Added by CARLSONL on 02/20/2017

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A Lucky Life Interrupted
A Lucky Life Interrupted by Tom Brokaw (History/Biography)
Story of Brokaw's battle with cancer, tells how such a vibrant person had to deal with this life crisis and gives some insight and advice into what others might do if faced with such a crisis. -- Added by CARLSONL on 02/20/2017

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The Forgotten Founding Father
The Forgotten Founding Father by Joshua Kendall (History/Biography)
Interesting biography of Noah Webster, who was revolutionary in his study of language but increasingly conservative in his political views. -- Added by Indysteve7 on 02/17/2017

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A Girl Named Zippy
A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel (History/Biography)
fun, funny, well written stories of young girl growing up in small town IN during 60s/70s. easy, light reading between deeper, heavier books. -- Added by ropir1 on 02/17/2017

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Bomb by Steve Sheinkin (History/Biography)
recommend. story about the making and theft of the atomic bomb. this is a "high school" based book and as such was easily readable. am a little non-plussed that it was so simply written for high school readers. in any case was informative. if you want a more detailed account of the making of the bomb look to richard rhodes as his book(s) are very informative. -- Added by edger on 02/17/2017

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Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow (History/Biography)
Excellent for the history lover. While Hamilton was the focus of the book, the author provided fascinating insights about many historical characters. It is somewhat a comfort to know that chaos in government is nothing new. -- Added by NanM on 02/16/2017

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Einstein by Walter Isaacson (History/Biography)
Broadened my horizons as I am not typically a math and science person. While I didn't always follow all of the science I really enjoyed the biographical information as well as the consecutive time line which wove Einstein's path within that of the history of the time including two World Wars and McCarthyism. Especially interesting was his influence in politics and human rights. Very enjoyable and mind expanding. I feel smarter for having listened to this book! -- Added by passionack on 02/16/2017

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The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert
The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield (History/Biography)
Rosaria Butterfield tells the story of her journey from liberal feminism into Christianity. I found this book quite insightful. In telling her story the author sheds light on some aspects of life and spirituality I hadn't seen before, both from the secular and Christian perspective. She is never harsh or preachy, just gently shares observations she has seen in her journey. She does use scripture to support her point of view on doctrinal issues. Since she was a guest speaker on Focus on the Family concerning sexual identity I was hoping for a little more insight into Christianity and homosexuality. However, it was well worth the read and I enjoyed getting to know her and learning from her story. -- Added by Mrs. K on 02/14/2017

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41 by George W. Bush (History/Biography)
It was an excellent book. Loved it. -- Added by itsmyyear on 02/13/2017

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American Creation
American Creation by Joseph J. Ellis (History/Biography)
recommend -- Added by edger on 02/11/2017

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There I'll be a Soldier
There I'll be a Soldier by Johnny Boggs (History/Biography)
Big print, this is a book about two teen boys who join either side of the Civil War. Their lives entertwine as they save each other several times during the story. It is also a story of coming of age. As an adult reading this, I would highly recommend this. It is well documented and takes place at the battle of Corinth, Mississippi and Shiloh. It has vivid descriptions of the battle at Bloody Pond. Well done, Mr.Boggs -- Added by Susan on 02/08/2017

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A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare
A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare by James Shapiro (History/Biography)
A wonderful peek into life in Elizabethan England, the politics, mores, the murders among playwrights! Ambition and external threats to the country but also to art and free speech. It also includes a very in-depth look at Hamlet and the many versions that existed from the time Shakespeare put quill to paper. -- Added by Konsulentin on 02/07/2017

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Hidden Figures
Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly (History/Biography)
Intriguing detailed account of the black women who worked at Langley Memorial Aeronautic Laboratory in Hampton, VA from the 1930's through the 1970's. This scholarly work reveals a lot about the U.S. in that period as well as the lives of some of the most prominent women in the group. I hope the movie does the heroines justice without unduly romanticizing their incredible achievements. This book could serve as inspiration for young women to pursue education and careers in science and mathematics. -- Added by ERobinson on 02/06/2017

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The Bill Cook Story
The Bill Cook Story by Bob Hummel (History/Biography)
Bob Hummel did an excellent job of telling the story of how Bill Cook started a business in his home that grew into a huge company in Bloomington, IN as well as in many international markets as a medical supply company. While the story was centered on Mr. Cook's life and achievements one of the most interesting parts was meeting many of the people who worked with him to make such a success of his company. He was also very involved in restoring historical properties in Indiana and was a very generous philanthropist. Throughout the book it was clear that Mr. Cook enjoyed his work, was comfortable with a modest lifestyle and quite generous with his wealth. -- Added by jrbrewer on 02/06/2017

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