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Adult Winter Reading Program: 2000s Titles

Empty Mansions
Empty Mansions by Bill Dedman (2000s)
This is just such a fascinating non-fiction book about the history of the extremely wealthy Clark family and largely about the eccentric heiress Huguette Clark who, while maintaining about fives mansions for millions of dollars, spent the last twenty years in a hospital in NYC and wasn't even sick. In fact, she lived to be over 100 and outlived everyone in her immediate family. I would highly recommend it. You will be entranced by this strange story. -- Added by Macbarclay on 02/28/2014

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Let Me Tell You Something
Let Me Tell You Something by Caroline Manzo (2000s)
I listened to this book while I was doing data entry at work. I hate to admit it sometimes, but I do love certain reality shows. I have not watched TRHONJ in recent years, but the first few seasons, I kept up with it and always was a fan of Caroline. I think she is intelligent, modest, and kind - so I wanted to see if that translated to her book. I think a lot of people are very critical of this book - but I found it entertaining; a light read. It is also always a treat when a book is narrated by the author - I feel like you get another dimension to the words when the person who wrote them is reading them. -- Added by cmv823 on 02/28/2014

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The Color Master
The Color Master by Aimee Bender (2000s)
I don't normally read short stories, so this was a nice change of pace. I could come home after a long day, and read a short story, instead of getting engrossed in "just one more chapter!" until midnight. The variety of stories was refreshing. says, "In this collection, Bender's unique talents sparkle brilliantly in stories about people searching for connection through love, sex, and familywhile navigating the often painful realities of their lives." I found that Ms. Bender was able to evoke emotion at the end of every story; I loved how she weaved tales on different kinds of love - empathetic love, sad love, painful love, unconditional many different areas of life we can look at to describe feelings of connection, and Ms. Bender told it all. -- Added by cmv823 on 02/28/2014

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You'll Never Nanny in This Town Again
You'll Never Nanny in This Town Again by Suzanne Hansen (2000s)
The author pokes as much fun at herself as her employers. A heart-felt memoir and peek into the world of nannying. -- Added by ladybug3 on 02/28/2014

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City of God
City of God by E.L. Doctorow (2000s)
Very entertaining, enlightening -- Added by teddy on 02/27/2014

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The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible
The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible by Charles Eisenstein (2000s)
I loved this book and have shared passages and recommended to friends who like myself are really concerned about the county the Earth going downhill way too fast on every front -- Added by june on 02/27/2014

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The Gods of Guilt
The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly (2000s)
Loved this book. Love the Lincoln lawyer books and this is a god one. -- Added by BStrahl on 02/27/2014

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The Biology of Belief
The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton (2000s)
Yes... love it. -- Added by teddy on 02/27/2014

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A Wanted Man
A Wanted Man by Lee Child (2000s)
While hitching a ride, Reacher becomes entangled in a kidnapping. As FBI agents become involved, Reacher tries to help. -- Added by Peter on 02/26/2014

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Heart in the Right Place
Heart in the Right Place by Carolyn Jourdan (2000s)
This is a memoir. The author is the daughter of a country doctor whose whole life, and that of his wife, has been dedicated to the patients of a small backwoods town in Tennessee. When her mother has a heart attack, Carolyn returns home to help her father for what she believes will be a short time but becomes much more. She has left a very fast paced job in Washington, DC, as a U.S. State Council and finds herself dealing with many unexpected situations, some medical and some emotional. I enjoyed the book very much. It is written with both humor and an insight into the lives of the inhabitants of this tiny town. It is about finding your place in life and learning that one person can make a difference, however small, in many lives. -- Added by Sanibel on 02/26/2014

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Gone Girl
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (2000s)
This is a wildly popular, intricately plotted mystery/thriller, with alternating narrators who prove both unreliable (and therefore intriguing) and ultimately unlikable. It's an excellent example of a book that is well-rooted in the decade it was published. In the end, I was fascinated by the author's mind and attention to plot, but can't say I found the reading experience pleasurable. -- Added by AnnRaymont on 02/25/2014

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Mao's Last Dancer
Mao's Last Dancer by Li Cunxin (2000s)
The author was chosen at age 11 to leave his family to study ballet in China and the book shows how he went from not knowing anything about dance to his defection to the US to becoming one of the best dancers in the world. -- Added by Grier on 02/25/2014

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Center of Gravity
Center of Gravity by Ian Douglas (2000s)
Wow! Much better than the first book. A very easy read and a really good story. -- Added by kjoe815 on 02/24/2014

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Mao's Last Dancer
Mao's Last Dancer by Li Cunxin (2000s)
Great autobiography of a man picked to train for the Chinese Ballet at the end of the Mao communist reign. He struggles with the guilt of leaving his family, hungry and poor peasant farmers, along his journey to become the best he can be. -- Added by Kathy5 on 02/24/2014

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Sensible Shoes
Sensible Shoes by Sharon Garlough Brown (2000s)
Follow four women, from different backgrounds, on their faith journey. Meg, Mara, Charissa, and Hannah all deal with issues that have hindered them from becoming closer to God. Very captivating! -- Added by roadadventure on 02/24/2014

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