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Little Man, What Now?
Little Man, What Now? by Hans Fallada (1930s)
Story of a working class German man and his life and family during the economic collapse of the early 1930s. Classic and definitely recommended. First published in 1932. -- Added by 0101101 on 02/21/2014

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What Not to Build
What Not to Build by MS Sandra Edelman (2000s)
The subtitle of this book is, "Do's and Don'ts of Exterior Home Design." Did you ever drive by a home and think, "How great!" or "How awful!" without knowing just why? This book uses explanations, diagrams and so many beautiful color photos to present basics of good and not-so- good exterior design. Topics include front entries, porches, materials, windows and more. It is at the library (728.38 Edelman, Sandra) and I liked it so much I bought a copy. -- Added by 0101101 on 02/21/2014

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Taft by Ann Patchett (1990s)
I am reading all of Ann Patchett's books, after reading the recently published compilation of her essays & articles, "This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage." I like Patchett's style and use of language, but would give this 2 or 3 stars out of 5. Please see more comprehensive reviews in other sources. -- Added by 0101101 on 02/15/2014

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The Road to Lichfield
The Road to Lichfield by Penelope Lively (1970s)
A real road, traveled by Ann to visit her elderly father who is dying in a nursing home, and many metaphorical roads. Very English, not at all 'dated' even though it was published 45 years ago. -- Added by 0101101 on 01/23/2014

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