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Defending Jacob
Defending Jacob by William Landay (2000s)
Read this as a book club assignment. Definitely a page-turner, very compelling, and yet in the end dissatisfying for a reader whose preference is more for stories where you are engaged by the characters and invested in their growth or redemption. -- Added by AnnRaymont on 03/03/2014

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Attachments by Rainbow Rowell (1990s)
Love in the information age... this is chick lit and humor, which are both genres I rarely find to my taste. The author overcame my prejudices with characters I enjoyed spending time with and rooting for! -- Added by AnnRaymont on 02/27/2014

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Muckers by Sandra Neil Wallace (1950s)
I picked this book up because author Chris Crutcher spoke highly of it, and I can see why. Inspired by a true story of the Jerome AZ 1950 high school football team, it's described by Crutcher as "a raw, funny, powerful love story--about a place, about a time, about a way of life..." Meticulously researched, the story is affected by segregation, the Korean War and Communist-hunting; and the author really delivers on evoking that era, with the added desperation of a failing mining community, and appealing characters who make this book hard to put down. (Fans of high school football will particularly enjoy it too.) -- Added by AnnRaymont on 02/26/2014

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Gone Girl
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (2000s)
This is a wildly popular, intricately plotted mystery/thriller, with alternating narrators who prove both unreliable (and therefore intriguing) and ultimately unlikable. It's an excellent example of a book that is well-rooted in the decade it was published. In the end, I was fascinated by the author's mind and attention to plot, but can't say I found the reading experience pleasurable. -- Added by AnnRaymont on 02/25/2014

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