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Sweetland: A Novel
Sweetland: A Novel by Michael Crummey (Historical Fiction)
What would it be like to be the last man staying on an abandoned island in Newfoundland. A study of the people who once called Sweetland home and why each makes the choices they do, and how this man ended up in this situation. Mystery and insights until the last page. Be warned there is lots of blue language that seems to be authentic to the characters but may be offensive. A trip to an area and lifestyle that may be very different than the one you lead. -- Added by Bettyintheburbs on 03/10/2015

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Mr Mac and Me
Mr Mac and Me by Esther Freud (Historical Fiction)
What was it like to leave on the East Coast of England during WWII, so close you could hear the volley of gunfire from Belgium. Now imagine you are a young boy and you befriend a renowned Scottish Architect and his Artist wife who are rather suspicious to some of the locals and come with their own set of problems. A well written story with some factual people and some from the authors head that make for a compelling read and will expand on your understanding of how the war came home to this corner of England in the Suffolk Coast. Characters you will find engaging are an added bonus. -- Added by Bettyintheburbs on 03/10/2015

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Lila by Marilynne Robinson (Other Fiction)
The latest installment in the Gilead Series. Fills in many of the mysteries of Lila and how she ended up in Gilead and what her past reveals about her current thoughts and feelings. Informative for those who have read the other books in this series. Wish Marilynne would use chapter breaks. Had to find a good place to stop reading with the format she uses, but she is an engaging writer. -- Added by Bettyintheburbs on 02/19/2015

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How Shall I Tell the Dog?
How Shall I Tell the Dog? by Miles Kington (Humor)
A humorous one way correspondence between the author and his agent on possible book projects he might undertake now that he has been diagnosed with cancer. I know, humor? But, yes it does fit this category. -- Added by Bettyintheburbs on 02/08/2015

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West of Sunset
West of Sunset by Stewart O'Nan (Historical Fiction)
An interesting work of fiction based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's last years including his time writing for Hollywood Studios. How much is factual is hard to tell, but it was well written and enjoyable if you are familiar with the Fitzgerald's. -- Added by Bettyintheburbs on 02/08/2015

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Flora and Ulysses
Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo (Other Fiction)
The latest from this diverse children's author. A quirky story about hope, love, and finding your place in the world. -- Added by Bettyintheburbs on 01/31/2015

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