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The Visitors
The Visitors by Sally Beauman (Historical Fiction)
This was a little like Downton Abbey travels to Egypt but better, as it also was set just prior to the discovery of King Tut's tomb. It had some insight into the people who were funded by large museums and universities for potential "finds" and what it was like to go looking for an unknown discovery. -- Added by coco on 03/28/2015

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Drawing 365
Drawing 365 by Katherine Tyrrell (Other Nonfiction)
A very comprehensive drawing manual, covering techniques and all mediums sequentially. Informative. -- Added by coco on 03/22/2015

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A Wolf Called Romeo
A Wolf Called Romeo by Nick Jans (Other Nonfiction)
The cover caught my attention, animal lover that I am. This is the story of a wild animal, living on the outskirts of underpopulated town in Alaska that decided it wanted to interact with the community of non pack animals. It is not a fairytale and ended sort of badly. I found myself holding my breath most of the book, although the ending was not what I expected. Very informative and responsibly written. -- Added by coco on 03/11/2015

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The Book of You
The Book of You by Claire Kendal (Other Fiction)
This is a thriller debut and I could not put it down. A woman finds herself at the mercy of a stalker, an unwilling victim with her life being stolen out from under her. This coincides with her duty as a juror in a similar case of female victimization. She tries to collect evidence all the while hoping that she can build a case before her tormentor escalates and irreparibly damages her. The writing was decent and for me to read this genre, which isn't to my liking and in one 5hr sitting is saying a lot. What a roller coaster ride. -- Added by coco on 03/11/2015

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My Real Children
My Real Children by Jo Walton (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
A beginning at the end of an ultimatum..."marry me now or never", hence begins the story of one woman in two very different lives during the same period of time. The history seems to be the same but different-one world is vastly different thanks to the fallout of nuclear war. The protagonist is the same in both circumstances-a really good person. In the end, she is suffering from supposed Alzheimer's disease and is trying to figure out which memories are real. This for me didn't really lend itself so much to sic/fi. It was very subdued. What I found interesting was that this writer from Europe made the US the responsible party for dropping the bomb and causing such a fallout. I watch the news and hope that it won't be us. -- Added by coco on 02/20/2015

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The Sunflowers are Mine
The Sunflowers are Mine by Martin Bailey (History/Biography)
Very readable, in a story format, this book traced the life of Vincent Van Gogh and his famous sunflowers from their inception, following their journeys through history, to their valued worth and destinations at present. Anyone with any interest in art would enjoy. -- Added by coco on 02/17/2015

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De Potter's Grand Tour
De Potter's Grand Tour by Joanna Scott (Other Fiction)
A man of uncertain birth travels to the United States and reinvents himself several times before marrying and becoming a world traveling tour guide. When he disappears from a boat mid tour, his wife is forced to notice how little she knew her husband. This was during the turn of the century and was complete with lots of old time photos. -- Added by coco on 02/15/2015

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My Wish List
My Wish List by Gregoire Delacourt (Other Fiction)
Translated from French, this story looks at a woman who has won the lottery and now has to decide whether to change her life and follow "her unfulfilled dreams", or to leave it as is. A short book that is very full of feeling. I loved this book. Beautifully written. -- Added by coco on 02/15/2015

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After Dark
After Dark by Haruki Murakami (Other Fiction)
This reminded me a little of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles-of being able to travel to different dimensions and leave your body behind. Many levels of the story at once. Surreal. -- Added by coco on 02/15/2015

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