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Miss You
Miss You by Kate Eberlen (Other Fiction)
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I received an ARC from Edelweiss but I just now got around to reading it after seeing the video promoting it on Over the Radar Under the Moon. The hardcover will be coming out April 4, 2017. The story alternates between Tess and Gus who both "meet" at the beginning of the book. They are both 18 and on holiday from London in Italy when Gus takes a picture of Tess and her friend, Doll. Their meeting is one of those instant connections, but then their lives go on in different directions. Tess returns home from her Italy holiday expecting to go to University, but instead her mother dies leaving her to care for her much younger sister, Hope, who eventually is diagnosed with asperger syndrome. Gus goes on to medical school as his parents wish and has to deal with the death of his brother who had bullied him and always overshadowed him in his parents' eyes. They both have very different lives but are dealing with losses and struggling to find their way when life has taken them in a different direction than anticipated, so their lives parallel in some ways. Their lives also continue to momentarily intersect at various points over the years. I enjoyed both of their stories and the anticipation of hoping they will meet again and make a final connection. Both characters and their struggles were well-developed. In my own life I have had moments when I met someone and found out I possibly could have crossed paths with them at an earlier point in my life. I have always found that fascinating and wondered how often that happens and we don't even realize it. -- Added by Duckyb on 01/10/2017

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