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Small Victories
Small Victories by Anne Lamott (Other Nonfiction)
Writing/spirituality guru Anne Lamott reads her own work on this relatively short (5 discs) audiobook. Each chapter offers another of her strongly politically opinionated, funny, insightful life experiences and the wisdom she gained from it. -- Added by Hope on 03/06/2015

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The Demon Catchers of Milan
The Demon Catchers of Milan by Kat Beyer (Other Fiction)
This YA book is first in a projected trilogy and not what I expected. The cover makes it seem as if it will be about Milan's fashion world but it is actually about an ordinary 16-year-old girl from upstate New York who gets possessed by a demon. Estranged family members arrive from Italy to save her, and then convince her parents to let her go back to Milan to live with them so that they can better protect her from future demon attacks. In Milan, she studies Italian language and history and learns about her family's centuries-old businesses: candle making and demon catching. There may or may not be a place for her in the businesses, too. I don't often read supernatural books but I loved this one because of the importance of family to the plot and because of the strong sense of place I got from reading it. I have started reading the sequel: The Halycon Bird. -- Added by Hope on 03/06/2015

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The Boy in the Black Suit
The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds (Other Fiction)
I loved the strong sense of place in this YA book: it takes place in Brooklyn and the author obviously loves it, even with its crime. The main character is a high school senior who is dealing with the recent death of his mother to cancer. The local funeral director, who knows his family, offers him a job. The boy accepts after confirming that he will not, in fact, have to touch any dead bodies but will just be helping to set up chairs, etc. To his surprise, he finds comfort from observing other people's funeral services. My description might make it sound like a depressing book but it was just the opposite. -- Added by Hope on 03/06/2015

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