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Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens (Other Fiction)
Little Oliver wants "more" than just another bowl of gruel out of life, and in this sprawling novel he gets it in spades, both good and bad. -- Added by Indy7Steve on 02/28/2015

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Middlemarch by George Eliot (Other Fiction)
The story of Dorothea Brooke, her marriages and her friends. The final paragraph is one of the most beautiful and moving I have ever read. -- Added by Indy7Steve on 02/28/2015

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Bonhoeffer by Metraxis, Eric (History/Biography)
Well written popular biography of a Lutheran priest who became part of the conspiracy to assassinate Adolph Hitler, and was executed in prison a few weeks before Hitler's suicide. Not original research, but extremely readable and comprehensive. -- Added by Indy7Steve on 02/23/2015

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