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The Book of Blood and Shadow
The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman (2000s)
When Latin enthusiast and college intern Nora finds a coded letter sewn into the binding of an ancient book she has been translating, she stumbles upon a secret that a cult has been trying to protect for centuries. -- Added by JZivoin on 01/25/2014

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Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (2000s)
In this sequel to "Cinder", Cinder and her accomplice Captain Thorn have broken out of prison in New Beijing, and are now an internationally wanted fugitives. Unsure how long they can evade detection, Cinder is eager to use her time to track down people from her past responsible for saving her from Queen Levana. Meanwhile, in France, Scarlet's grandmother has mysteriously disappeared. With the help of a streetfighter known as Wolf, Scarlet finds out that her grandmother was taken by a gang believing that she is hiding government secrets. Together, Wolf and Scarlet journey to Paris on a desperate rescue mission. However, time is ticking for both Scarlet and Cinder. Queen Levana isn't used to being defied, and if her demand for Cinder's capture isn't met soon, Scarlet's grandmother and all of earth will pay the price. -- Added by JZivoin on 01/13/2014

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