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Farside by Ben Bova (2000s)
What would living on the Moon be like? That is a core theme around Mr. Bova's sci-fi novels. Mr. Bova had a very straightforward writing style, good pacing for adventure, and describes plausible future technology. Farside is the story of the intrigue around the race to obtain the first images of Sirus C, or "New Earth." Two telescopes from competing organizations are under construction and the race is on to obtain the images and determine whether Sirus C is a viable planet for human life. The story is told from the "grunts" point of view, the workers tasked to construct the telescope on the harsh environment of the Moon's farside. Fans of Bova will be entertained and this novel is a good entry point for the reader who would like to get immersed in the future that Mr. Bova has created in over 20+ novels. -- Added by Jerseyhoosier on 01/15/2014

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