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Revenge Wears Prada
Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger (2000s)
Almost a decade has passed since Andy Sachs quit the job "a million girls would die for" working for Miranda Priestly at Runway magazine. Andy and Emily, her former nemesis and co-assistant, have since joined forces to start a highend bridal magazine, The Plunge. Which has quickly become required reading for the young and stylish. Andy has met the love of her life, Max Harrison. Their wedding will be splashed across all the society pages as their friends and family gather to toast the glowing couple. The morning of her wedding, Andy can't shake the past when she discovers a secret letter with crushing implications, her wedding-day jitters turn to cold dread. Andy realizes that nothingnot her husband, nor her beloved careeris as it seems. She never suspected that her efforts to build a bright new life would lead her back to the darkness she barely escaped ten years agoand directly into the path of the devil herself. -- Added by Jonniu on 02/14/2014

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Shadow of Doubt
Shadow of Doubt by Terri Blackstock (2000s)
Is Celia Shepherd a murderer or a victim? Her husband, Detective Stan Shepherd, is in a coma in the hospital, a victim of arsenic poisoning. The Newpointe police have a suspect: Celia. She is no stranger to such charges. Her first husband died of poisoning, but due to a technicality the case against her was dismissed. Now it looks like the same old story---only this time, the motive appears plain. An old flame has moved into town under circumstances bound to raise suspicion. Evidence is gathering that can put Celia away for good, but her friend & attorney Jill Clark thinks the pieces of the puzzle fit together a bit too neatly. Either her client's Christian faith is a sham or she's the victim of a frame-up---and the real killer is still out there. -- Added by Jonniu on 01/16/2014

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Truth Stained Lies
Truth Stained Lies by Terri Blackstock (2000s)
Cathy Cramer is a former lawyer and investigative blogger who writes commentary on high-profile homicides. She finds a threatening note warning her that she's about to experience the same kind of judgment and speculation that she dishes out in her blog, Cathy writes it off as mischief, but then her sister-in-law is murdered and all the 'facts' point to her brother. The killer has staged the crime to make the truth too far-fetched to believe. Working to solve the murder and clear her brother's name, Cathy and her two sisters, Holly and Juliet, moonlight as part-time private investigators. Then their brother's grieving five-year-old son is kidnapped. As police focus on the wrong clues, the three sisters and their detective friend are the only hope for solving this bizarre crime, saving the child, and clearing their brother. -- Added by Jonniu on 01/16/2014

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