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The Ghost Map
The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson (History/Biography)
A fascinating look into life and science in the mid-19th century. Meet my new hero: Dr. John Snow! -- Added by Konsulentin on 02/23/2015

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The Social Conquest of Earth
The Social Conquest of Earth by Edward O. Wilson (History/Biography)
A difficult subject written in an understandable manner, conveniently broken into small chapters so one may pick it up and put it down at will. Depressing: his analysis of war and violence as an essential part of human nature. -- Added by Konsulentin on 02/23/2015

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What Went Wrong?
What Went Wrong? by Bernard Lewis (History/Biography)
While this tells us what has gone wrong in the dealings of the West with the Islamic world (and things are definitely wrong, years after this book was first published), I did miss more of an indication of what we might do now to turn the relationship around, which we very much need to do. -- Added by Konsulentin on 02/23/2015

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Islam and the West
Islam and the West by Bernard Lewis (History/Biography)
In view of the many problems we are having with geographical areas which were long in the Islamic world it is very useful to read what the historical relationship has been and why they see us in the west so differently than we would like to have them see us. -- Added by Konsulentin on 02/23/2015

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The Two Income Trap
The Two Income Trap by Elizabeth Warren (Business)
Written some time ago, this explains the meltdown we experienced in 2008 very well and I doubt that many two income families will learn from the experience of others... -- Added by Konsulentin on 02/03/2015

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In our Hands
In our Hands by Charles Murray (Other Nonfiction)
The idea of a basis income has been very popular with progressives in Europe. In this book, the conservative author fantasizes about how well this would work to make society function according to his plan. -- Added by Konsulentin on 01/31/2015

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