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Saying Goodbye
Saying Goodbye by Barbara Okun (Other)
Published by Harvard Medical School, it talks about how to establish a healthier life after losing someone significant in life. Oftentimes people cannot cope well enough to function normally after the loss. To help those, it presents systemic approach to finding renewal and moving forward in life. While it seemed morbid to read about coping with death of family members, the book serves as a roadmap to navigate through loss in the future. -- Added by Lk on 02/07/2014

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I don't think that is morbid at all. Even if somebody has yet to experience it, they likely have somebody in their life who has. Understanding just how profound that impact can be can lend insight into how to best support them during that difficult time. -- tbeattylaf on 02/08/2014  
And Then There Were None
And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie (1930s)
Eight people are invited to enjoy time at a remote island called Soldier Island. Shortly after arrival at the island, guests are being killed one by one in similar fashion to "Ten Little Soldiers" rhyme. It's a page turning thriller that you simply cannot let it go until the ending is read. -- Added by Lk on 02/07/2014

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Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt (2000s)
Economist Steven Levitt has unique perspectives on riddles of everyday life. Things that we believe to be true are not exactly so based on his analyses. His topics cover KKK, drug dealers, parent and school teachers, and many more. This book and its sequel, Superfreakonomics, are great books to read for fun on a weekend/vacation. -- Added by Lk on 02/07/2014

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Walking Together, Walking Far
Walking Together, Walking Far by Fran Quigley (2000s)
It explains Indiana-Moi partnership as a model for tackling the challenges of HIV/AIDS. It's a short reading worth knowing about as a Hoosier. -- Added by Lk on 02/07/2014

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One Day
One Day by David Nicholls (2000s)
A very close friendship between Emma and Dexter is intriguing and constantly evolving as they grow up. While this friendship hits it off from the start with a bit of flirtation, it grows deeper as both of them go through difficult times in their lives. Eventually both Emma and Dexter realize their lives are not where it should be. When they meet up after so many years of separation, they come to understand each other. -- Added by Lk on 02/07/2014

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