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Three Sisters
Three Sisters by Susan Mallery (Other)
Easy read which provides a nice break from books in which you can't be sure everything will work out well in the end. Still, it feels a bit pointless. -- Added by Madwoman on 01/28/2014

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Dancing with the Enemy
Dancing with the Enemy by Paul Glaser (1940s)
Was Rosie Glaser a woman whose strength and resourcefulness in the face of Nazi brutality should be admired? Or was she a coward who chose to work and sleep with the SS to save her life at others' expense? This story of Rosie's life, centered on her wartime experiences in the Netherlands and a series of concentration camps, lets you decide. At one point she writes of a harrowing journey from one prison to another in a crush of hysterical passengers: "Others we strangled to get a bit of space for ourselves." Yet the author, her nephew, does not condemn her. The book leaves you asking yourself what you would have done, had you been in her place. -- Added by Madwoman on 01/27/2014

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The Shining Girls
The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes (1930s)
This creepy time-travel novel about a serial killer and a woman who lived through his attack is intriguing and certainly skillfully written, but ultimately unsatisfying. Once I started, I had to finish. After I finished, I wished I had never started. -- Added by Madwoman on 01/24/2014

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Wings of Fire
Wings of Fire by Charles Todd (1910s)
This intriguing combination of mystery and psychological drama sends Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge to Cornwall to discover the truth behind what appears to be a double suicide and an accidental death, all in the same family. Or has murder been done? Rutledge digs out the truth while continuing to deal with his own traumatic experiences in the Great War. More fun than it perhaps sounds. -- Added by Madwoman on 01/18/2014

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The Night Eternal
The Night Eternal by Guillermo Del Toro (2000s)
The final volume of this vampire trilogy picks up considerably over the second. If you made it through book two, it's worth the effort to finish the story of Dr. Goodweather's fight against the nasty, non-glittery, asexual vampires who have taken over the world. -- Added by Madwoman on 01/18/2014

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