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The Darlings
The Darlings by Cristina Alger (Other Fiction)
I selected this book through the library's blind date with a book program. If only real blind dates could go so well! The Darlings is as much fun as a book about cheating wall street executives and their troubled families can be, full of what feel like authentic details on the life of New York society. Do I know if any of those details are actually accurate? Not at all, but they did make for an enjoyable read. -- Added by Madwoman on 02/15/2016

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After the Wind
After the Wind by Lou Kasischke (History/Biography)
After the Wind is Lou Kasischke's version of the story of the famous 1996 Everest expedition that was the center of Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air. Kasischke was an experienced climber when he took part in the expedition, and he was none to happy to have a journalist along for the journey. Kasischke is nowhere near the writer Krakauer is, but it's fascinating to read his point of view on what happened -- and why -- after reading Jon's account. -- Added by Madwoman on 02/15/2016

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