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Small Gass Engines (workbook) by Alfred C. Roth (Business)
eh -- Added by RileyC on 02/27/2015

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Small Gas Engines
Small Gas Engines by Alfred C. Roth (Business)
I didn't find it that interesting. Maybe if I would want to someday need it...but I don't think i will ever need or use what I learned from it. -- Added by RileyC on 02/24/2015

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The Reason
The Reason by William Sirls (Other Fiction)
"The Reason" do I describe it? I can't describe it...okay maybe this will help a bit. When you pick up a fiction book and read it, there are the ones that are just a regular book,(not putting down anyone here, just trying to get a point across) and then there are the ones that look regular but when you read it...there is a difference, like you can tell that it had come from the heart...I don't know if you are understanding what I'm saying...think of it like read a fiction book, AMAZING like one you've never read before!!! and then you read a different book, WHAM!! it hits you like a block of concreate! you never thought it could get better than the AMAZING book you just read, but it just did! What im trying to say is that this book completely threw me off guard, I was expecting a regular fiction book...but this one was different than any other one that i have ever read. Don't get me wrong I love almost every book Ive read, but with this one I could tell it came from somewhere deeper than the mind.It was about choosing when to "Let go, and let God" and if you "Only Believe" God will see you through whatever your going through. I would say more but... i think you should just see for yourself... -- Added by RileyC on 02/21/2015

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Leonardo's Chair
Leonardo's Chair by John DeSimone (Other Fiction)
Great book. A great story about a man who trys to reunite his father with a special chair. what the man dosent know is that it had the power to make anyone who sits on it an amazing painter like the great Leonardo DaVinci himself, and that it has the power to destroy those same lives. I certainly leaned more about painting than I ever knew before. I think this book made me be able to look at the scenery around me with more detail, and maybe a keener sence of what painters have to go through... -- Added by RileyC on 02/18/2015

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Book of Days
Book of Days by James L. Rubart (Other Fiction)
This book was AMAZING! it really gives you a different perspective on life. and memories...could you imagine losing your most treasured memories? Usually I wouldnt think about it...but after reading this it REALLY opened my eyes to people who have Dementia or Amnesia. But thats not all this amazing book is about, it is about a lot of stuff...A man in search of a book to get back his memories, people learning to forgive, people deciding that letting go is not a bad can be good for you. In other words this book was AWESOME!! I would try to summarize the book but i might give away too much ;) you will just have to read it and see for yourself...Trust me this book is for ANYONE!! -- Added by RileyC on 02/16/2015

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Streams Of Civilization
Streams Of Civilization by Garry J. Moes (History/Biography)
it was interesting. not much else to say. -- Added by RileyC on 02/13/2015

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Disney and the Bible
Disney and the Bible by Perucci Ferraiuolo (History/Biography)
Very interesting. I will mever look at Disney movies the same again! hahaha -- Added by RileyC on 02/12/2015

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