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From a Buick 8
From a Buick 8 by Stephen King (Mystery/Suspense)
I enjoyed the style of how the story unfolds, with the main characters, mostly Pennsylvania State Troopers, sitting around and telling a young man who's father played a key role in the mystery of an unusual car that was stored for 20-something years in a police shed. Like all good King suspense, the unexplainable and evil will make you shiver. -- Added by Roundabout girl on 02/21/2016

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Lucky Us
Lucky Us by Amy Bloom (Other Fiction)
-- Added by Roundabout girl on 02/21/2016

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Bare Bones
Bare Bones by Kathy Reichs (Mystery/Suspense)
This story compares well to Patricia Cornwell's Scarpetta stories. The narrator even sounds like the one in the early Scarpetta audio books. -- Added by Roundabout girl on 01/30/2016

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Next Of Kin
Next Of Kin by Joanna Trollope (Other Fiction)
Based on a farm in England, the death of a family member sets events in motion that spark new relationships and change the nature of others. The future of farming looms over all. -- Added by Roundabout girl on 01/16/2016

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