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The Queen's Rival
The Queen's Rival by Diane Haeger (Other)
I loved this book. I have read many novels about the court of King Henry VIII and his various love affairs, but this one gave a very different insight into the story of Bessie Blount, the mother of Henry's first son. It depicts a softer side of Henry while still showing his ruthless side. I recommend it. -- Added by Sanibel on 03/02/2014

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Heart in the Right Place
Heart in the Right Place by Carolyn Jourdan (2000s)
This is a memoir. The author is the daughter of a country doctor whose whole life, and that of his wife, has been dedicated to the patients of a small backwoods town in Tennessee. When her mother has a heart attack, Carolyn returns home to help her father for what she believes will be a short time but becomes much more. She has left a very fast paced job in Washington, DC, as a U.S. State Council and finds herself dealing with many unexpected situations, some medical and some emotional. I enjoyed the book very much. It is written with both humor and an insight into the lives of the inhabitants of this tiny town. It is about finding your place in life and learning that one person can make a difference, however small, in many lives. -- Added by Sanibel on 02/26/2014

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In Falling Snow
In Falling Snow by Mary-Rose MacColl (1910s)
This is a wonderful book, holding your interest until the unexpected ending. A young woman leaves her home in Australia to go to France because her younger, under age brother has run away to join in the fighting of World War I. She becomes a nurse at a private hospital, staffed entirely by women (based on actual historical events). The book follows her until the end of her life, going back and forth through the years, and weaving together many stories. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to reading others by this author. -- Added by Sanibel on 02/02/2014

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The Language of Flowers
The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh (2000s)
A very different story, told from the viewpoint of a girl's journey through the foster care system. The book goes from the time she is 18-20 years old, back to about nine and expresses a lot of her anger and frustration. She has learned not to trust anyone because she has been mistreated, not actually physically abused but disappointed and unloved, by so many people during her young life. She finally finds unconditional love and learns that she is deserving of that love. I loved the book. -- Added by Sanibel on 01/16/2014

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Trains and Lovers
Trains and Lovers by Alexander McCall Smith (1990s)
This is the story of four people from different countries who meet on a train. They each talk about their lives, which leads each of them to think back about their own lives. Very different. I enjoyed it. -- Added by Sanibel on 01/12/2014

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Moon Over Carolina
Moon Over Carolina by Mary Alice Monroe (2000s)
This book is written from the viewpoing of both a wife and a husband, each reviewing their relationship over many years. It's about forgiveness of each other and of themselves. I enjoyed it very much. -- Added by Sanibel on 01/12/2014

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