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The Firebird
The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley (Historical Fiction)
I absolutely loved this book! I have read all of Susanna Kearsley's books, but this was the best. The main character is a young lady who sees the history of objects when she touches them It is called psychometry. She has grown up with the fear of being considered a "freak" and has tried to block these visions out. But she becomes involved with a woman who has inherited a small sculpture that she believes once belonged to the Empress Catherine of Russia. In her efforts to authenticate the history of the sculpture and help the woman, she and a friend travel to Russia and go back in time to Russia in the 1700's. It is a very well written book, and the depth of the characters is wonderful. I highly recommend it. -- Added by Sanibel on 03/18/2015

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The Boston Girl
The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant (Other Fiction)
This book tells the story of a young Jewish girl growing up in Boston. As the daughter of immigrant parents, Addie finds herself faced with conflicts between family expectations and her desire to be part of a more modern world. Her adventurous spirit and wonderful sense of humor makes her story an interesting book to read. I enjoyed it very much. -- Added by Sanibel on 03/16/2015

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A Memory of Violets
A Memory of Violets by Hazel Gaynor (Historical Fiction)
This was the story of two sisters in 1912 and two sisters in the late 1800's. The four girls were linked by the history of London's flower sellers, little girls who were orphaned and forced to sell flowers on the streets of London in order not to starve. Most of these children were either blind or handicapped in some way. It's a wonderful story of the generosity of one man who started homes for these little girls and gave them useful employment. It's a very touching story and wonderfully written. -- Added by Sanibel on 03/09/2015

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Bitter Greens
Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth (Other Fiction)
I enjoyed this book. It is a grown ups version of the old children's story "Rapunzel". If you enjoyed fairy tales as a child, you will like this book. -- Added by Sanibel on 03/03/2015

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The Black Cloister
The Black Cloister by Melanie Dobson (Other Fiction)
This book is about a young woman who is searching for information on her mother's life. Her mother died when she was six years old, and her father has never wanted to talk about the mother's earlier life. Her search leads her to Germany and the investigation of a cult. I can't say that I enjoyed the book, but I couldn't put it down until I learned the answer to the mystery. -- Added by Sanibel on 02/20/2015

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After the War Is Over
After the War Is Over by Jennifer Robson (Historical Fiction)
I liked the book very much. It is the story of a young woman who grew up in a middle class home in England, worked in a hospital during the First World War, and experienced some of the social upheaval that came after the war. A very good story. -- Added by Sanibel on 02/03/2015

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