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Sleeping Murder
Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie (1970s)
If you read all my reviews, you will see that I did six decades of Agatha Christie. This story is from her last decade of stories. It is a similar idea to the "Murder in Retrospective". In fact that title is repeated a few times in the story. This is a Miss Marple mystery. I enjoyed it better than the M. Poirot Murder in Retrospective. Miss Marpel's stories are more conversational. A young woman purchases a house for her and her husband. She thinks the house should be changed in a few ways. It turns out those ways would return the house to its original state. Was there a ghost? Was she clairvoyant? No. She lived there as a young girl 2-3 years old. She may have witnessed her stepmother's murder about twenty years ago. There were several suspects and interesting theories. This was a good story, -- Added by thewritejim on 03/09/2014

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Endless Night
Endless Night by Agatha Christie (1960s)
This was a good story. It is not your typical Christie detective story. The story is told in the first person. It is about a young couple that by chance meet. They fall in love and build their dream house. Perhaps it was a nightmare house. There is an old gipsy woman who reads their fortunes and warns of grave dangers. The young woman is from a rich controlling family and is befriended by Greta. Greta allows her to experience life and happiness. But the happiness turned into terror for her as she eventually meets her death in a riding accident. Was it an accident? Who murdered her? Interesting story. -- Added by thewritejim on 03/09/2014

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What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw by Agatha Christie (1950s)
This is a good story. This book is also known as 4:50 from Paddington. This is a case solved by Miss Marple. Her investigative style is more conversational. This contrasts with M. Poirot's interrogative style. I enjoy Miss Marple relaxed approach. In this case, a woman is found murdered in a barn. She seems to have a connection to the family that owns the barn. There is an attempt to murder the other family members. After two more murders, Mrs. McGillicuddy comes for a special reason that she does not even know. -- Added by thewritejim on 03/09/2014

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Murder in Retrospect by Agatha Christie (1940s)
This was a good book that I thought I figured out, but again was wrong. All the clues were presented well. M. Poirot investigates a murder that occurred about 20 year s earlier. He questions each eye witness, has them write what happened, and after reviewing everything provides a solution. The lesson learned from this book is somebody lies. I know that happens in all mysteries, but I get wrapped up in the story and forget it. -- Added by thewritejim on 03/09/2014

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Peril at End House by Agatha Christie (1930s)
This was a good story. M. Poirot is working with Miss Buckley to figure out who is trying to kill her. He states that this is more challenging because the murder has not been committed yet and there are limited clues. One clue was sketchy as to whether or not it was introduced during the story or only at the end. Even though the clue was questionable the ending was a surprise. -- Added by thewritejim on 03/09/2014

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The Mysterious Affair at Styles
The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie (1920s)
This is Agatha Christie's first mystery. It introduces Hercule Poirot. This book was OK. It was hard to solve the case. As M. Poirot discussed the solution, he into the uced a new fact that help to solve the case. Somewhat unfair to the reader. -- Added by thewritejim on 03/09/2014

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