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Hunting Shadows
Hunting Shadows by Charles Todd (1920s)
Love the work of this mother-son duo whose two series are set in post WWI England. This is the latest installment in the Ian Rutledge series. No need to start at the beginning. Just know that Rutledge is a Scotland Yard inspector whose PTSD works to his advantage in solving cases often involving other shell-shocked veterans. -- Added by wyperson on 02/25/2014

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Mao's Last Dancer
Mao's Last Dancer by Li Cunxin (2000s)
What an amazing journey! -- Added by wyperson on 02/03/2014

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Jeeves and the Wedding Bells
Jeeves and the Wedding Bells by Sebastian Faulks (1920s)
I was skeptical about this Wodehouse homage because Wodehouse is, well, sacred. But by jingo, he nailed it! -- Added by wyperson on 01/19/2014

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The Commoner
The Commoner by John Burnham Schwartz (1950s)
Historical fiction based on the life of Empress Michiko of Japan, the first commoner married into the imperial family. Well-written and offers an interesting glimpse into a closed society. -- Added by wyperson on 01/18/2014

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Longbourn by Jo Baker (2000s)
It's what's happening downstairs while "Pride and Prejudice" is happening upstairs. Very engaging and well-written story, especially for (although not limited to) Jane Austen fans. -- Added by wyperson on 01/16/2014

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I agree! This was my favorite book of 2013. -- ChristyAV on 01/17/2014  
Whistling Past the Graveyard
Whistling Past the Graveyard by Susan Crandall (1960s)
Spitfire of a young white girl in search of her estranged mother enlists the help of a black woman on her own quest for family. Set during the Jim Crow era, the story bounces along the back roads of the rural South as the two forge a bond that bridges the great racial divide. -- Added by wyperson on 01/14/2014

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