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A Spool of Blue Thread
A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler (Other Fiction)
i read this book in three days because I could not put it down. You never knew exactly where the story was going and that spool of blue thread was so elusive. I almost gave up on it ever being mentioned in the story- blue shirt, blue swing, blue paint but no blue thread till almost the end. -- Added by Barken on 02/20/2015

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The Breakdown Lane
The Breakdown Lane by Jacquelyn Mitchard (Other Fiction)
A mother of three is diagnosed with a serious illness which is complicated by the fact that her husband has gone off to " find himself." Quite a story! -- Added by Barken on 02/15/2015

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The Paying Guests
The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters (Other Fiction)
This story is similar to An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser but with a twist. Two young women meet in 1922 in a British suburb and tragedy eventually ensues. Many twists and turns kept me reading, reading, reading through the 565 pages. This goes on my list of all - time favorite books. -- Added by Barken on 01/31/2015

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