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The Girl on the Train
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (Mystery/Suspense)
Loved this book! So much has been written about this book that there's really nothing to add. What I liked--the structure, a page turner, good story, three different narrators, complex characters, the gradual way more info is revealed about each character. -- Added by bookaddict on 03/27/2015

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Summer House with Swimming Pool
Summer House with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch (Other Fiction)
I don't know exactly how to rate this...5 stars for the writing, way less for some of the vivid descriptions and disturbing content. I don't have to have likable characters to like a book. But the sinister behavior of most of the people was painful to read; a bit too graphic for me in some parts. It definitely kept me interested, hard to put down. With this book and The Dinner, I have felt like there was a lot to discuss and I want to find people who have also read this book! -- Added by bookaddict on 03/17/2015

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The Astronaut Wives Club
The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel (History/Biography)
Interesting topic that could have been handled much better...more depth, better writing. I think it was too broad of a scope. I would have liked more in-depth info & feelings on each woman, but there were too many to be able to do that without making the book really long. -- Added by bookaddict on 03/17/2015

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The Vacationers
The Vacationers by Emma Straub (Other Fiction)
Shallow, poorly developed characters, typical plot and sub-plots cut from some template, all the politically correct (stereotypically so) struggles smashed into one book. I rolled my eyes a lot, wanted to throw it across the room, but finished it. -- Added by bookaddict on 03/17/2015

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The Children Act
The Children Act by Ian McEwan (Other Fiction)
Beautifully written, powerful emotions. It's about two stories that weave together and apart and is of a judge named Fiona who is involved with a case with a Jehovah's Witnesses family who are refusing medical treatment for their 17 y.o. son. It involves their faith, choices he could make if he were 18, which he nearly is, the impact all this has on the boy. It also involves her lifeless marriage. You eally feel everything she's going through. -- Added by bookaddict on 02/13/2015

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Of Mice and Men
Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (Other Fiction)
I love re-reading the classics, especially when they bring up topics that you could discuss for hours! -- Added by bookaddict on 02/07/2015

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