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Where'd You Go, Bernadette
Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple (Other Fiction)
When what you have created in completely gutted and removed from your existence, it takes a toll on your body and mind. Bernadette wants nothing to do with society and becomes a recluse while her genius daughter, Bee, is heading off to boarding school. Bernadette stays hidden away until her husband things she is psycho and tried to have her committed but she disappears. Bee cant live like this and goes on a manhunt to find her mother and bring her back to life as she once knew it. -- Added by emagian on 02/15/2016

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The Ice Twins
The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne (Other Fiction)
This book was so engaging that I only put it down for work and sleep. Every other waking moment, I had to be reading to find out exactly what happens. Identical twins involved in a tragedy but who really died...does anyone know? As the books gets deeper you realize what happens to the mind when tragedy hits hard! -- Added by emagian on 02/15/2016

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Queen of Babble Gets Hitched
Queen of Babble Gets Hitched by Meg Cabot (Other Fiction)
The last book in the series and it ended just how I wanted it to. We all have our idea of what "true love" is but sometimes we dont realize it is right in front of us. And the little things someone does for you means more than you realize!! -- Added by emagian on 02/15/2016

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One Plus One
One Plus One by Jojo Moyes (Other Fiction)
A family out of luck but with a positive attitude is trying to find their happily ever after...little do they know you sometimes have to add! -- Added by emagian on 02/15/2016

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Queen of Babble in the Big City
Queen of Babble in the Big City by Meg Cabot (Other Fiction)
The 2nd book in the series of Queen of Babble and it is just as good as the first. Once again Lizzie is getting herself into trouble - she gets fired, dumps her boyfriend, and is on the verge of losing it. But in Lizzie fashion she takes a stand and learns a little in the process. -- Added by emagian on 02/02/2016

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The First Wife
The First Wife by Erica Spindler (Other Fiction)
After the devestating loss of her mother to cancer, Bailey decides to LIVE life. She takes a trip and meets the love of her life, Logan, and after a 2 week whirlwind romance, gets married!! She goes home to meet the family and is met with stares, secrets, and lies. What really happened to Logan's first wife and why is everything in this family a secret? A book that will leave you guessing till the very end!! -- Added by emagian on 01/30/2016

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If I Could Turn Back Time
If I Could Turn Back Time by Beth Harbison (Other Fiction)
What could go back and change the course of your life? What could go back and talk to those that are no longer here? What could use those moments to clarify if you made the right decision? What could go back and make peace with your younger self? What could go back and see what really happened in your life? What could go back and see your 18 year old self as a 30 year old and make better, smarter choices? What could just go back? Ramie is 30 with an awesome job that pays out of this world, cool friends, and great place to live...but she isnt happy. She misses her father and she misses what could have been. When she hits her head, she wakes up as her 18 year old self at the end of her senior year 3 days before graduation. What choices will she make now? What will she say to those she loves? Will her life turn out the same or will she choose differently? Fun book! -- Added by emagian on 01/27/2016

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Queen of babble
Queen of babble by Meg Cabot (Other Fiction)
Sometimes it pays to run your mouth!! The LBS (aka Lizzie Broadcast Systems) is her nickname to all that know her. She just blabs and mistakenly tells everything to friends, family and complete strangers. But this complete stranger is gorgeous so its okay, she'll never see him again...or will she? To Babble or Not To Babble is the real question! -- Added by emagian on 01/26/2016

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Finding Me
Finding Me by Kathryn Cushman (Other Fiction)
finding me brought tears to my eyes! We are all in search of ourselves but what if everything you knew to be was a lie. Kelli has always been told by her father since she was one that her mother, brother, and sister died in a tragic fire. She has never seen any pictures of them nor does he tell her stories of them. When her father and stepmother die in a car accident, the truth is finally discovered. But after 20 years would you go find your family or continue with the lie. This book is just about Kelli finding herself but her family, love and the truth. -- Added by emagian on 01/24/2016

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The Other Side of Midnight
The Other Side of Midnight by Simone St. James (Other Fiction)
One would think that seeing the future and knowing about others' past would be awesome to know. But to Ellie, it means not being normal. When Gloria, another psychic, ends up dead, she is called upon to find the killer. But in searching for the killer, she might end up dead as well - she knows this. What does she do - find justice for Gloria or spare herself harm? An interesting read but I kinda felt psychic myself in knowing how the book was going to end. -- Added by emagian on 01/17/2016

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