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Bloodlines (Foreword by Tim Keller)
Bloodlines (Foreword by Tim Keller) by John Piper (Other Nonfiction)
Good discussion on race and the church and the need for the Gospel in this most serious concern of race, discrimination, personal responsibility and social structural barriers to equality. -- Added by Jdziwlik on 03/15/2015

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Not a Fan
Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman (Other Nonfiction)
Jesus never asked us to sit on the sidelines and cheer for his cause, He is seeking full on, all in followers not just fans. -- Added by Jdziwlik on 03/15/2015

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Bacon by Heather Lauer (Other Nonfiction)
It is a real love story about real gift of the gods, bacon. Salt, fat and love. Great funny read that is quite informative -- Added by Jdziwlik on 03/10/2015

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C. S. Lewis
C. S. Lewis by A lister McGrath (History/Biography)
Wonderful historical account of this great Christian thinker -- Added by Jdziwlik on 02/01/2015

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