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The Mockingbird Next Door
The Mockingbird Next Door by Marja Mills (History/Biography)
Along with millions of readers, I will always love To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Mills was able to become a real friend of Nelle Harper Lee, her sister Alice, plus many close friends of theirs. After doing a piece on Lee for her newspaper, she actually moved to Monroeville, Alabama & rented a house next to that of the Lee sisters. Because she earn the trust & respect of the Lees, she spent the next eighteen months interviewing close friends & the sisters, gathering the history of the town & people who were the models for the characters of Lee's famous & only work of literature. I highly recommend this authorized biography of this reclusive & fascinating author. -- Added by jkot43 on 03/01/2015

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Haatchi & Little B
Haatchi & Little B by Wendy Holden (Other Nonfiction)
Although it is initially sad, dealing with animal cruelty & a boy with a rare, incurable disease, keep reading for an experience illustrating the power of love & courage. Haatchi is the dog who starts off life alone & injured badly. Through the caring & dedication of a remarkable group of people, he finds himself joined with his "forever family". Owen, little b, is dealing with the pain & limitations of a crippling syndrome about which little is known. At first sight, the 2 form an unbreakable bond of unconditional love & understanding. Through social media, people well beyond their home in the UK become involved with these remarkable, courageous beings & their family. I recommend it highly for its humor, human interest & especially love. -- Added by jkot43 on 02/25/2015

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