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Saving Simon
Saving Simon by Jon Katz (Other Nonfiction)
I rarely read non-fiction but found myself drawn to this book about the rescue of an abused donkey who gradually brought valuable insight to the man who saved him. Bonding between human and animal makes me wonder why it is so hard for human to understand human in the world today. -- Added by jkot43 on 03/28/2015

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Last to Know
Last to Know by Elizabeth Adler (Mystery/Suspense)
This story is about a peaceful lake community that suddenly erupts with home explosion and several murders. Not a "must read" but mildly entertaining. -- Added by jkot43 on 03/28/2015

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The Quiet Woman
The Quiet Woman by Terence Faherty (Mystery/Suspense)
This is a story about an estranged sister & brother who travel to Ireland to find the birthplace of their grandfather. They are both devoted fans of the movie "The Quiet Man" and decide to search for clues of a tragedy that struck a young girl during the filming. The characters are clear & there are a plenty of twists & turns to keep the reader guessing. It is mainly about relationships, especially the one involving the siblings. I recommend it as a pleasant read with several surprises, right up to the ending. -- Added by jkot43 on 03/23/2015

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The Rest Is Silence
The Rest Is Silence by James R. Benn (Mystery/Suspense)
Latest in the Billy Boyle WW2 series. Billy investigates crimes within the armed forces, as he did back in Boston. At the back of each book, the author tells about true events that the story is based on and what really happened. It is a good mystery with a bit of history thrown in for those interested. -- Added by jkot43 on 03/19/2015

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The Mockingbird Next Door
The Mockingbird Next Door by Marja Mills (History/Biography)
Along with millions of readers, I will always love To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Mills was able to become a real friend of Nelle Harper Lee, her sister Alice, plus many close friends of theirs. After doing a piece on Lee for her newspaper, she actually moved to Monroeville, Alabama & rented a house next to that of the Lee sisters. Because she earn the trust & respect of the Lees, she spent the next eighteen months interviewing close friends & the sisters, gathering the history of the town & people who were the models for the characters of Lee's famous & only work of literature. I highly recommend this authorized biography of this reclusive & fascinating author. -- Added by jkot43 on 03/01/2015

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Haatchi & Little B
Haatchi & Little B by Wendy Holden (Other Nonfiction)
Although it is initially sad, dealing with animal cruelty & a boy with a rare, incurable disease, keep reading for an experience illustrating the power of love & courage. Haatchi is the dog who starts off life alone & injured badly. Through the caring & dedication of a remarkable group of people, he finds himself joined with his "forever family". Owen, little b, is dealing with the pain & limitations of a crippling syndrome about which little is known. At first sight, the 2 form an unbreakable bond of unconditional love & understanding. Through social media, people well beyond their home in the UK become involved with these remarkable, courageous beings & their family. I recommend it highly for its humor, human interest & especially love. -- Added by jkot43 on 02/25/2015

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