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The Last Oracle
The Last Oracle by James Rollins (1950s)
Good story for the 1950's. Rather complicated with characters, but the hero is always the hero! judy -- Added by on 02/18/2014

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A Spider in the Cup
A Spider in the Cup by Barbara Cleverly (1930s)
This was before World War II and occurred in London in 1933. The policeman was Joe Sandilands. The characters were very excellent people and the plot ended with the good guys beating the bad. Yeah. judy -- Added by on 02/15/2014

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Deeper Than the Dead
Deeper Than the Dead by Tami Hoag (1980s)
Tami Hoag is one of the greatest authors. Her characters are wonderful and very lifelike. The story is quite interesting. Her reading on children becoming serial killers is something. She brings the book to an interesting end. judy -- Added by on 02/06/2014

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An Unmarked Grave
An Unmarked Grave by Charles Todd (1910s)
This book carries on with Bess Crawford in the World War One (1918). She is still a great nurse. This is one easy book to read and the characters are all good men (or ladies). judy -- Added by on 01/31/2014

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The Final Storm
The Final Storm by Jeff Shaara (1940s)
Jeff Shaara has written about the ending of the Second World War with lots of great characters. It was easy to read. I was amazed with the stories about the transferring of the atom bomb. judy -- Added by on 01/27/2014

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A Walk With the Dead
A Walk With the Dead by Sally Spencer (1970s)
What a special affect the writing has. I cannot remember what the name of the policeman or the town, since I had a stroke, but this was one heck of a story. It was a good continuation of the other stories about this policeman and this town. jar -- Added by on 01/18/2014

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