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What the Duke Desires
What the Duke Desires by Sabrina Jeffries (2000s)
This is a new series called "Dukes Men" an investigative agency and all the fun, danger, and suspense that it entails. A Duke looking for a lost brother, a sister looking for her brother to prove his innocence... lots of fun, romance and intrigue. I am looking forward to the next few books in the series. A fun read! -- Added by k2disos on 02/05/2014

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Between Two Thorns
Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman (2000s)
A wonderful premise of "The Split Worlds" two, well actually three different world co-existing in peace? Not so much...Meet Cathy and Max and Sam as well as many others as they try to find a missing Master of Ceremonies, appease a Fae Lord, and solve corruption... interested? This the first book of the series and I can't wait to read book two and three! -- Added by k2disos on 02/05/2014

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The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon
The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon by Alexander McCall Smith (2000s)
I just love this series, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency! It is always a great read and just to read about the philosophy and mind set of other people is wonderful. Precious is solving a few puzzling cases and adjusting to some life changes in her business (if you want to know what read the book). I say start this series from the beginning because it is just so delightful! Enjoy! -- Added by k2disos on 02/01/2014

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The Glass God
The Glass God by Kate Griffin (2000s)
Sharon Li was an untrained shaman and leader of Magicals Anonymous. She runs into all kinds of problems and meets ALL kinds of people, magical and not; good and bad. She is trying to save the city and has no idea how... good start to a series, can't wait to read the next one... has a really great BAD GUY! You love to hate him! -- Added by k2disos on 01/30/2014

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A Season of Angels
A Season of Angels by Debbie Macomber (2000s)
This is one of the earlier "Angel" books that Debbie Macomber puts out every year. It's so much fun to see Shirley, Goodness, & Mercy get themselves and the humans they are helping in and out of situations. A light-hearted goodwill story. A very enjoyable read. -- Added by k2disos on 01/30/2014

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Accused by Lisa Scottoline (2000s)
Scottoline is back with Bennie Rosato and friends. Mary DuNunzio has made partner and her first case as a partner is a doozy... all kinds of surprises and twists... I love her stories about these lawyers and am so glad she is writin about them again.! -- Added by k2disos on 01/11/2014

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