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Papillon by Henri Charriere (1930s)
This was a really interesting book. It has a very modern feel. Henri lives a very hard life, always trying to escape (cavale). I would recommend this book. -- Added by l3bond on 02/15/2014

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A Very Long Engagement
A Very Long Engagement by S'Bastien Japrisot (1920s)
This was a very engaging book about war world I. It really captured the feeling of the war and all of the people effected by it. -- Added by l3bond on 02/03/2014

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I listened to this as an audiobook a while back and really enjoyed it. The movie is good, too. Not long before I read this book, I had read a novel called "The Welsh Girl" by Peter Ho Davies set in World War II, and I thought fans of one book might enjoy the other, too. -- ChristyAV on 02/04/2014  
City of Glass
City of Glass by Paul Auster (1980s)
Not my favorite book. I didn't like the characters or plot. It was nominated for an Edgar, but I just couldn't get into the book. -- Added by l3bond on 01/28/2014

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Until She Comes Home
Until She Comes Home by Lori Roy (1950s)
A pair of murders in this small town near Detroit brings about unrest for this community. It takes place in 1958. Their town is beginning to unravel. Great characterization. -- Added by l3bond on 01/18/2014

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Slip & Fall
Slip & Fall by Nick Santora (2000s)
This is a great suspense novel. You really get a feeling of the mafia. He is a great writer. All of the characters feel real. Loved it. -- Added by l3bond on 01/18/2014

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Bent Road
Bent Road by Lori Roy (1960s)
This is a great first novel. She really gives the book the feel of the 1960's as well as great characters. Lots of twists. -- Added by l3bond on 01/14/2014

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