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The Burglar in the Library
The Burglar in the Library by Lawrence Block (1990s)
This is a Bernie Rhodenbarr murder mystery with shades of Agatha Christie's settings and plots. It has interesting characters and the murders are piling up. A fun book to listen to. -- Added by thebooklistener on 03/05/2014

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Blood of the Reich
Blood of the Reich by Mike Whicker (1940s)
This is the second book in a recently completed trilogy that blends well researched facts with some speculation to tell the story of a female German spy sent to Evansville, Indiana during WWII to gather intelligence on the landing craft that were being manufactured there. The characters are interesting and well developed and the story is exciting. Carmel Library has the first two books and I sincerely hope that they will add book 3 when it becomes available. -- Added by thebooklistener on 02/28/2014

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Amandine by Marlena de Blasi (1930s)
Amandine is the story of a baby abandoned to a convent who, as she comes to an age of questioning, begin searching for her identity in Europe during the Second World War. -- Added by thebooklistener on 02/28/2014

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Dark Triumph
Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers (Other)
This is the second book in a trilogy, His Fair Assaissins, set in 15th century France. The heroine are young women in the service of an ancient god, Death. It is light and entertaining to listen to. It has been classified as Young Adult and would be appropriate reading for this age group. -- Added by thebooklistener on 02/04/2014

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Have you listened to Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo? It reminded me of Grave Mercy. I loved them both. -- Nimble Novice on 02/06/2014