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Unattended Children Policy

The Carmel Clay Public Library welcomes patrons of all ages to use its facilities. However, the library and its staff cannot be responsible for the supervision of children using the facilities, including those being tutored on library premises.

Children 5 and under must have a responsible caregiver age 16 or older within sight and conversational distance of them at all times. The only exceptions are 4 & 5 year olds who are attending library sponsored programs. Children under 11 must have a responsible caregiver on the premises at all times.

The above guidelines also apply when children are being tutored. The tutor assumes the role of caregiver and is responsible for his/her students during the tutoring session.

If a child under 11 appears to be without the above mentioned supervision, a search of the building and grounds will be conducted. If the parent or guardian is not located, the police will be called.

Children 15 and under are expected to be picked up at closing time. If a child under 16 is still here after closing, and the parent cannot be reached, the police may be called. Staff members are not permitted to drive children home.