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Financial Resolutions for 2013

Many of us began 2013 with ambitious financial New Year’s resolutions. Spending less, saving more or tweaking our retirement contributions are all sound financial resolutions. However, sometimes we find ourselves making the same financial resolutions year after year. Here are three simple things you can do to make 2013 the year your financial resolutions are accomplished.


Track Your Spending – It is easier to manage your money if you know where it is going. Online tools for debit and credit cards make it easy to track your spending. Use this information to better understand where your money is going and to modify your spending habits to meet your goals.

Save Automatically – Many of us have automatic bill paying established for our phone, electric and insurance bills, but not for saving. Make 2013 the year to automatically pay yourself each month! Decide on a monthly amount and speak with a representative at your bank to set up automatic saving.

Start Small – Take small steps to achieving your financial goals. Taking small and consistent steps to achieving your financial goals is the best way to stay on track.

Even through it is February; it is not too late to start a 2013 financial resolution! Find resources and links to information to help you accomplish your financial goals at